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The return of the sleeve

June 28, 2015

I recently made a big mistake by comparing myself to other men. I had been telling Ms Lee about the unbearable frustration I have been enduring and I said that I didn’t know how much longer I could go without tasting the sexual pleasure that most men get to enjoy at their leisure. At the time I was begging Ms Lee for my weekly permission to touch myself and I realize now that I should not have compared myself to other men in regards to their sexual freedom.

When Ms Lee responded to my begging She told me that she could see that I was really beginning to suffer but she had also noticed that I had made the mistake of comparing myself to other men. She reminded me that I was her property and that meant that I didn’t compare to other men. She then informed me that the consequence was that I was to put on my chastity sleeve and not remove it until she had given me permission. She also informed me that I had squandered my weekly opportunity to touch myself and I was to wait till the next week to beg again.

I had thought that I couldn’t possibly get any more frustrated but once more Ms Lee turned my world upside down and drove me deeper into submission to her. Although not being allowed to touch myself was extremely frustrating I at least got to enjoy the feel of an unrestrained erection like a real man. But I am not a real man, I am Ms Lee’s property and now I no longer get to even enjoy erections, much less touch myself.

I had also forgotten just how difficult it was to put my chastity sleeve on. (Those who are not familiar with my chastity sleeve can check some of the past postings about it: Chastity sleeve postings).

It is a major struggle to get my sleeve on, especially since my deprived penis gets quite excited from the handling required to get it in the sleeve. Once in place my sleeve performs an extremely effective job of preventing anything approaching a full erection. And when my naughty penis does try to become erect it is severely punished by the chains holding the sleeve in place. Those chains cut in deeply whenever my penis makes a futile effort at becoming erect.

The photo below shows my penis restrained by my chastity sleeve. This is a homemade sleeve which has the advantage of being unnoticeable under my pants. The tightness of the restricting chains is also easily adjustable, a feature which Ms Lee has used to her advantage. She has at times enjoyed having me remove links to make my sleeve even tighter but she has never allowed me to add any links back once they have been removed. Anyone who is interested in how my sleeve is fashioned can check out this posting – Ms Lee’s Chastity Sleeve

You might notice in the photo below that none of my fur pokes out from beneath my panties. I have previously made the mistake of presenting myself to Ms Lee with some random hairs showing and every time She has me correct my error, removing even more. Ms Lee does not like to see any fur showing from beneath my panties so I am always carefully grooming myself. Some of my panties are fairly skimpy and at this point I have removed quite a bit.

Pantied and Chastised

Requesting feedback regarding my panties

June 20, 2015

Anyone who browses through this blog will learn that Ms Lee enjoys having me wear panties instead of male underwear. As she expects, I now wear nothing but panties, 24×7. Male underwear is strictly prohibited. During my years as her property I have built up an extensive collection of silky & lacy panties, probably more than most women.

Keeping me in panties provides Ms Lee with a number of benefits. For starters, it still embarrasses me to no end, which greatly amuses Ms Lee. I have learned the hard way that it pleases her immensely to see me embarrassed in a number of ways and panty wearing is one of her favorites. Wearing panties also puts me in an intensely submissive state of mind, making me putty in her hands. Being kept in panties also provides her with the opportunity to embarrass me further as she requires that absolutely no pubic hair be visible. This is particularly challenging as some of my panties are quite skimpy. I spend a considerable amount of time & effort shaving the area around my panties as I desperately want to please Ms Lee and I fear the punishments she will administer if I fail to keep myself properly presentable.

Probably one of the most significant benefits Ms Lee enjoys by having me in panties is the merciless teasing that my deprived penis suffers as a result. After weeks of abiding by Ms Lee’s no touching rule I am desperate for any sort of sexual stimulation and the sensation of my penis straining under my silky panties drives me mad. The inhuman frustration I endure as a result of this teasing drives me even further into submission but I suspect Ms Lee just plain enjoys knowing that I am hopelessly frustrated and desperate.

Those who are interested in reading more about my panty wearing are encouraged to check out the dozens of postings under the Panty and Panty Washing categories. But at this time I would like to request, no – make that beg, for feedback regarding how I look wearing the panties in the photo below (these are the panties I am wearing today). Please provide any feedback at all, positive, negative or indifferent. I would also be interested in any suggestions on how I could better please Ms Lee with my panty wearing.
My purple panties

Double Release

June 20, 2015

Within the last week Ms Lee has generously allowed me not one, but TWO releases. The first time was after I begged twice for permission to touch myself after going another full week abiding faithfully to her no touching rule. The first time I begged she was not impressed and told me that I could do better. I then proceeded to beg much more sincerely & desperately and was greatly relieved when she told me that I could touch myself with no restrictions except that I could only do so between 5 and 5:30 PM on Sunday.

It turned out that I was on my way to the shore for a vacation that day and as luck would have it I was on the road at 5PM. I desperately looked for a rest stop and finally found one with 5 minutes to spare. I rushed into the crowded mens room and began wanking feverishly inside a bathroom stall. I was extremely self conscious due to all the people nearby, worried that someone would know what I was doing. Due to my nervousness I was barely able to produce a small amount of cum with just a minute or two to spare. I was mortified, but at least I had enjoyed a pleasurable release.

The next day I was overjoyed when Ms Lee informed me that she was impressed with my obedience and would generously allow me another release with no restriction other than it must occur on Tuesday. I thanked Ms Lee and informed her that I had been working very hard to be an obedient boy, hopeful for the reward which she had just granted me. I also told her that the reward I had been hoping for was to please her with my obedience, providing her with pleasure and satisfaction. I had neither expected nor been looking for another release so soon and was quite surprised with her generosity.

I was not able to obtain the privacy I needed until late in the day but I then enjoyed a glorious pleasurable release, this time with no pressure or concerns. I was truly grateful to Ms Lee for being so thoughtful.

Return to Worship

June 12, 2015

After weeks of faithfully abiding my Ms Lee’s no touching rule I am frustrated and quite desperate. Being unable to satisfy my intense desire for self pleasure I found myself ever more focused on Ms Lee’s pleasure. I began to ask her if there was anything I could do to please her and she responded by telling me to resume my morning worship sessions.

My morning worship sessions seemed designed to optimize the frustration that I endure as the Property of Ms Lee. Before I begin my worship session I must have my anal plug in place. My deprived penis begins to get hard as soon as the plug begins to invade my tight rear and by the time the plug is fully in place my penis is rock hard. I get quite excited due to finally getting to experience some sexual stimulation but it is extremely frustrating since I am still prohibited from touching my penis. The pleasure I derive from rubbing the plug against my prostate is nowhere near as immediate or intense as what I used to enjoy when I was allowed to stroke my penis. Instead I find myself ramming the plug in as deep as possible while I gyrate like mad, desperately trying to amplify my greatly reduced pleasure.

While I engage in my desperate dance of frustration I focus my mind on Ms Lee, concentrating on her pleasure. It is extremely difficult at this stage to resist the urge to touch myself but I remind myself that it pleases Ms Lee to have me obedient and frustrated. I continue to meditate on Ms Lee, thanking her for taking me as Her Property. I find myself almost falling into a trance as my focus moves back and forth between my intense frustration and my gratitude to Ms Lee.

My morning worship sessions are an effective tool for enhancing my devotion to Ms Lee. They also greatly enhance the desperate frustration I endure but hopefully that pleases Ms Lee which is all that matters.

The Generosity of Ms Lee

June 5, 2015

When I went to sleep Tuesday night I set two alarms to make sure I would wake up in time since Ms Lee generously had given me permission to touch myself and cum between 6 and 6:30 Wednesday morning. I was horrified when I woke up that morning at 7:30, having slept thru both alarms. I desperately wanted to masturbate, but I dared not touch myself since I missed the time-frame Ms Lee had specified. I told her about my failure and expected her to tell me that I had squandered my opportunity for the week.

I was ecstatic when she told me that she would give me another chance at 6PM that evening. Although Ms Lee is extremely strict with me she also is very caring and surprises me with her generosity.

At 6PM promptly I began enjoying Ms Lee’s gift and began touching myself in a sexual manner for the first time in over a week. It was heavenly to once again enjoy a full erection and stroke it with abandon. I took it slow at first as I wanted to be able to enjoy the full half hour that Ms Lee had allowed me. My hair trigger penis almost betrayed me as within minutes I could feel myself almost explode in release. I quickly let go of my penis and waited until I calmed down before touching myself again. Before beginning again I thanked Ms Lee once more for her generosity, I am so fortunate to be her property.

I also took the opportunity of being hard to measure my penis to check on whether I had fully regained the length I had lost due to my previous cycles of extremely extended chastity, restrained by my viciously tight chastity sleeve. I was shocked when I discovered that I measured somewhat less than five and a half inches, more than half an inch less than I was prior to becoming the Property of Ms Lee. I informed Ms Lee of this and her response indicated that she did not consider my loss a big deal. Perhaps she is correct since I never have the opportunity to use my penis like a real man anyway. I just hope that it pleases Ms Lee that her property has been reduced in size due to the extended chastity it has previously been subjected to for her pleasure.

I spent more time hands off trying to control myself then I spent masturbating, but I did manage to take advantage of the full half hour before releasing. As the final moments approached I began stroking like mad and quickly felt my release approaching. As Ms Lee expected, I squeezed the tip of my penis as well as my scrotum as my cum attempted to explode out of my penis. I successfully managed to prevent the explosion and could feel it backing up behind where I squeezed. Once my orgasmic spasms ended I released the tip of my penis and saw my cum slowly dribble out. I was amazed at how much kept dribbling out and I dutifully licked it all up as Ms Lee expected. I then thanked Ms Lee again for her generosity.

It has now been two days since my ruined release and I intend to wait until a full week passes before I dare to beg Ms Lee once more for permission to touch myself. I am hopeful that by then I will be in the proper state of mind to beg sincerely.

Being allowed to touch myself reminded me of the intense joy & pleasure that I am denied and having a ruined rather than an orgasmic release insured that my frustration and desperation continued unchecked. I suspect Ms Lee intended things this way and I only hope she enjoys having her property obedient and untouched.

Ms Lee Takes Her Property Back

June 1, 2015

After a very long absence I am bringing this blog back to life. My status with Ms Lee has undergone a number of changes over the last couple of years but recently she has taken me back as her strictly controlled property, with a number of new expectations. One of those expectations was that I resume weekly updates to this blog, without fail. I am quite aware of the severe consequences I would suffer if I failed to meet one of Ms Lee’s expectations so you can expect that my updates will be regular and timely.

This morning I got on my knees to thank Ms Lee for taking me back as her strictly controlled property. It will be difficult to adhere faithfully to all of her expectations but I am firmly committed to doing so, no matter how hard or frustrating it may be. Her no touching rule is especially maddening. My penis is straining against my lacy white panties as I type this, squirming in my seat in desperation. I don’t think words can properly describe just how stressed I am right now as I fight the battle to resist the urge to take her property in my hands. At present she has not required me to wear my chastity sleeve which in a perverse way makes things even more frustrating. My sleeve had always prevented me from enjoying anything near a full erection but now I must endure the incredible frustration of experiencing a rock hard erection that I am prohibited from touching.

It is particularly difficult in the morning when I wake up with a morning erection and feel the natural, naughty urge to masturbate like a little school boy. But as I awaken further I feel the overpowering frustration that comes with remembering that I am not allowed to touch Ms Lee’s property without her permission. I then must struggle against temptation as my deprived penis strains like mad inside my frilly panties. My panties add a nasty twist to my frustration as their silky caress of my penis teases it mercilessly. One of Ms Lee’s new expectations is that I no longer wear any male underwear at all. Nothing but frilly and lacy panties are allowed.

Before Ms Lee had recently taken me back as Her firmly controlled property I had fallen back into the naughty habit of frequently masturbating at will, sometimes multiple times a day. Ms Lee put an immediate end to my naughty pleasures and it has now been a full week since I last masturbated. It has been a major shock to go this long without cumming but I am grateful to Ms Lee. I understand that my lack of willpower regarding masturbation and playing with myself means that I need the firm control that Ms Lee has graciously provided me with.

Ms Lee has also generously given me permission to touch myself and masturbate on Wednesday morning, between 6 and 6:30 AM. She expects me to ruin my release by squeezing the tip of my penis to prevent the pleasurable explosion of cumming which will probably result in a frustrating dribble of cum, preventing me from enjoying the wild, free release a real man would experience. However I feel extremely grateful as I did not expect her to allow a release so soon at all. I will then not be allowed to touch myself again until I properly beg her again for permission. I am planning on waiting at least a week before doing so as I want to be in the proper state of mind to beg her with sincerity.

I actually could probably beg quite sincerely the very next day but I am hopeful that it will please Ms Lee if I endure an entire week of intense frustration before I bother her with the insignificant issue of my sexual pleasure. My focus is solely on her pleasure and my sexual pleasure is completely dependent on her whim and mood. In fact I am desperately hopeful that she will be pleased with my frustration as I doubt I would be allowed any sexual pleasure at all if my intense desperation did not please or amuse her.