Return to Worship

After weeks of faithfully abiding my Ms Lee’s no touching rule I am frustrated and quite desperate. Being unable to satisfy my intense desire for self pleasure I found myself ever more focused on Ms Lee’s pleasure. I began to ask her if there was anything I could do to please her and she responded by telling me to resume my morning worship sessions.

My morning worship sessions seemed designed to optimize the frustration that I endure as the Property of Ms Lee. Before I begin my worship session I must have my anal plug in place. My deprived penis begins to get hard as soon as the plug begins to invade my tight rear and by the time the plug is fully in place my penis is rock hard. I get quite excited due to finally getting to experience some sexual stimulation but it is extremely frustrating since I am still prohibited from touching my penis. The pleasure I derive from rubbing the plug against my prostate is nowhere near as immediate or intense as what I used to enjoy when I was allowed to stroke my penis. Instead I find myself ramming the plug in as deep as possible while I gyrate like mad, desperately trying to amplify my greatly reduced pleasure.

While I engage in my desperate dance of frustration I focus my mind on Ms Lee, concentrating on her pleasure. It is extremely difficult at this stage to resist the urge to touch myself but I remind myself that it pleases Ms Lee to have me obedient and frustrated. I continue to meditate on Ms Lee, thanking her for taking me as Her Property. I find myself almost falling into a trance as my focus moves back and forth between my intense frustration and my gratitude to Ms Lee.

My morning worship sessions are an effective tool for enhancing my devotion to Ms Lee. They also greatly enhance the desperate frustration I endure but hopefully that pleases Ms Lee which is all that matters.

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