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Still Practicing

September 8, 2015

It has been a month since my last release and I still haven’t had any success with milking myself. I am getting quite frustrated and desperate however and that seems to really be helping me get closer to achieving my goal. One of my problems is that things have been fairly hectic in my life lately, which happens too often. As a result I have not been relaxed enough to truly enjoy my milking practice sessions and really get into it.

One good thing is that I have begun to truly enjoy my milking sessions, enough so that I no longer miss masturbating so much. Pleasuring myself anally is nowhere near as intense and quick as masturbation but it provides a different, more lasting type of pleasure. I actually appreciate this quite a bit since I was not able to hold back for long on the infrequent occasions when Ms Lee allowed me to touch myself. I think that my years of extended chastity have ruined my staying power.

While my goal is to learn how to milk myself without touching myself I am also learning to enjoy anal pleasure for its own sake even without producing anything. I like the feeling of my dildo massaging my prostate and I enjoy the pleasure of filling my greedy rear and ramming my dildo in and out. I am learning how to appreciate a very different sex life than that enjoyed by a ‘real’ man but it seems appropriate for me as the property of Ms Lee.