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Return to panty washing

November 11, 2016

Recently Ms Lee informed me that she wanted me to resume hand washing her panties for her. In the past I had spent a considerable amount of time learning how to properly hand wash her panties and even developed an extensive 12 step panty washing process. It involves a lot of time and effort but I would never dare take short cuts when I am privileged to perform a task such as this for her. I am always desperate to please Ms Lee so I am thrilled and thankful that she has chosen to allow me to return to my status as her devoted panty washer.

I have been working very hard to clean her panties perfectly in order to impress her with my devotion and my panty washing skills. I am hopeful that she will be pleased enough to allow me to continue with this special responsibility. I consider it an honor to be allowed to wash the panties that touch her beautiful body and I am aware that I could lose this privilege if I fail to perform at a level that meets her strict standards.

Here is a photo of her panties soaking in the sink after I added Woolite fabric cleaner:


In a future post I will include photos from every step of my 12 step panty washing process and discuss my efforts as Ms Lee’s panty washer in more detail.



Advanced Study

August 3, 2015

As time goes on I have become more and more obsessed with the goal of pleasing and satisfying Ms Lee. I have learned that catering to my own greedy pigmale desires leads to nothing but selfish, fleeting moments of enjoyment but toiling for the pleasure of Ms Lee provides me with a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. I have found that I am most satisfied when Ms Lee is pleased with my performance, I have become like a dog who craves its master’s approval above anything else. As a result my own desires and pleasure have become irrelevant, my focus is now solely on how I can better please Ms Lee and provide her with excellent service.

As my obsession with pleasing Ms Lee has grown I have found myself more carefully studying her preferences. At first I didn’t fully realize how serious my studies had become. In the past I had learned that she preferred live plants instead of cut flowers and I had spent considerable time learning how to clean her panties ( But more recently I found myself considering going to formal classes to learn how to properly provide massages and pedicures. At first I will probably study on my own as I did with panty washing but eventually I am sure that I will be attending professional classes. I want to be able to provide Ms Lee with better service than she could receive at the finest spa.

My immediate priority is to learn how to provide a proper pedicure since Ms Lee’s feet are such a focus of mine. I hope to become good enough at giving pedicures to please Ms Lee and convince her that I would be capable of tending to her beautiful feet.

I am equally serious about learning how to prepare scrumptious meals for Ms Lee, prepared to her preferences and specifications. I am currently studying her facebook in order to learn what sort of food she likes and i suspect that food preparation classes are in my future also. I may not become a professional chef, but I do need to become proficient at preparing good tasting food that is pleasing in appearance and made to her liking.

More importantly it has occurred to me that I need to become expert at reading Ms Lee’s moods so I can better understand her desires without her needing to spell things out for me. I need to be able to tell when she is in the mood for sexual pleasure and when she would prefer non sexual pleasure such as a foot massage or other such service. I need to learn how to carefully observe her and tune into what she is in the mood for. To do this properly I need to put aside my own selfish interests and fully immerse myself in her personal world, focusing on nothing but her pleasure and satisfaction.

To have any hope of convincing Ms Lee that I am dedicated to her pleasure I need to become like a full time student focused on learning everything possible about what pleases or amuses her. I need to learn what she likes to eat and drink, what kind of music she likes and how she likes her home taken care of. I need to study her as if I was working on a masters degree. Once I had achieved that level of proficiency in pleasing and satisfying her I would then have to step things up and work on my doctorate. Even then I would not stop studying how to please her, my efforts will be a life long endeavor.

A renewed anal focus

March 9, 2013

As will occasionally happen I have recently been experiencing a few personal issues that have caused a bit of stress in my life. Ms Lee has been very supportive, once again demonstrating her unique approach of caring dominance. Understanding my situation she has allowed me some latitude, but has made it clear that this is not an excuse for me to slack off in my devotion to her. I have continued my duties as her faithful panty washing boy, carefully cleaning the panties that caress her everyday. I also continue to assist her in other ways. I am not sure if it is intended to address my recent stress, but she has also introduced a renewed focus on my anal submission.

During a recent conversation Ms Lee had asked me about my fantasies and I admitted that due to my relentless, extended chastity I have frequently found myself thinking about anal stimulation. Ms Lee’s expectations seem to deviously lead me in this direction. While I am not allowed to touch myself in a sexual manner she does allow one ‘exception’ – I am always free to stimulate my prostate using an anal plug or dildo. The longer I am in chastity, the more desperate I become for any sort of sexual stimulation. But anal stimulation does not provide me anything close to the pleasure and release that I used to derive from wanking like a teenage boy. Instead it leaves me more frustrated than ever, increasing my desperation in an endless cycle. While I do not derive any real complete satisfaction from my anal stimulation I do hope that my desperate attempts please Ms Lee.

One evening after Ms Lee reintroduced the focus on my anal stimulation I inserted my anal plug before I went to bed for the night. I thought I was going to go straight to sleep but I soon became badly distracted by the plug in my rear. I found myself clenching my rear and enjoying the pressure against my prostate. It was quite maddening as I desperately desired a release but the plug did nothing more than tease me. I continued to press against my plug for quite some time before I finally slipped off to sleep, with thoughts drifting in my head of being taken by Ms Lee’s strap on.

I woke a few times during the night and each time I immediately began clenching my rear and pressing against the plug. When I woke in the morning I was so frustrated and excited that I immediately got out my Bigger Tool and proceeded to attempt to milk myself. I was not able to produce anything, but I certainly enjoyed trying. For those who might not be familiar with my Bigger Tool, it is a large, 8 inch long dildo of the sort that a woman would ordinarily use. I had initially began my anal stimulation using one of the slim anal massagers that are popular, but it amused Ms Lee to have me graduate to a ‘bigger tool’. A tool which is much more substantial than my own inadequate member which has been shrunken further as a result of my constant, extended chastity.

Ms Lee now expects me to experiment with different sized and shaped anal toys. I currently have a few standard butt plugs as well as my two anal stimulators. If anyone has any suggestions I would be interested to hear about them.

Ms Lee’s panty washing boy

February 18, 2013

Recently I have assumed responsibility for washing Ms Lee’s panties. I am embarrassed to admit that I actually had to beg her to allow me this honor. I am not sure if she doubted my ability to properly clean her panties or if she suspected I might just be anxious to handle and sniff the panties that had embraced her gorgeous derriere (perhaps both). I have to admit that my penis strains like crazy against my chastity sleeve whenever I am washing Ms Lee’s panties. I also get quite excited by the wondrous aroma that exudes from her worn panties but I would never dare molest them in any way (Ms Lee had previously warned me that I would be punished if I ever did so).

I finally convinced Ms Lee to give me a chance to demonstrate I could clean her panties to her satisfaction but first I had to diligently study how to properly clean a woman’s delicates. I was actually red in the face as I browsed the online site of Better Homes and Gardens for panty washing instructions. I had often noticed that magazine on the kitchen table as I grew up and I never suspected that one day I would be studying it like a good, obedient housekeeper.

By the time I had convinced Ms Lee to allow me to wash some of her panties I had studied over half a dozen sites on panty washing and had practiced on my own. I was glad I had done so because I learned quite a few things that I had been neglecting in the care of my own panties. Although I had always hand washed them I had been fairly careless about it. I have now established a twelve step procedure for washing Ms Lee’s panties as follows:

1) Fill sink with cool water. Warm or hot water would clean quicker and be easier on my hands, but could shrink the panties.

2) Add one capful of Woolite fabric cleaner, stir water well to mix

3) Dip panties into water and let soak for 5 to 10 minutes

4) Rub panties gently to loosen dirt and stains, let soak for another 5 to 10 minutes

5) Rub panties lightly, but thoroughly to clean completely. Examine carefully to make sure any stains are removed

6) Drain sink and rinse panties under running, cold water

7) Fill sink with cold water again and swirl panties under the water to clean more soap out of them

8) Drain sink and rinse panties under cold water one more time to make sure all soap is gone

9) Squeeze panties gently to remove excess water, do NOT wring. That could misshape the panties

10) Lay panties on a clean, dry white towel, roll up gently within towel to remove more water

11) Lay panties flat on another clean, dry white towel for drying

12) Turn panties over occasionally for next day or two until dry

The process I have developed involves quite a bit of time and work but so far Ms Lee seems pleased by my efforts. I hope that she enjoys having one less thing to worry about, knowing that she will always have perfectly clean panties available. I am so glad that I have been able to perform this menial task for her and I am thankful she allowed me the opportunity to demonstrate that I could clean her panties in an acceptable manner. I am always desperate to find new ways to please Ms Lee and I am hopeful that she will allow me to continue to be her faithful panty washing boy.

Of course I must also admit that it gives me a thrill to know that throughout every day Ms Lee is wearing a pair of panties that I have worked so diligently to wash. I hope that once in a while she smiles, enjoying the fruit of my labors. But somehow I suspect that more often she just takes her freshly laundered panties for granted, not even having to bother thinking about all the toil and dedication that went into keeping them immaculately clean.