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Still Practicing

September 8, 2015

It has been a month since my last release and I still haven’t had any success with milking myself. I am getting quite frustrated and desperate however and that seems to really be helping me get closer to achieving my goal. One of my problems is that things have been fairly hectic in my life lately, which happens too often. As a result I have not been relaxed enough to truly enjoy my milking practice sessions and really get into it.

One good thing is that I have begun to truly enjoy my milking sessions, enough so that I no longer miss masturbating so much. Pleasuring myself anally is nowhere near as intense and quick as masturbation but it provides a different, more lasting type of pleasure. I actually appreciate this quite a bit since I was not able to hold back for long on the infrequent occasions when Ms Lee allowed me to touch myself. I think that my years of extended chastity have ruined my staying power.

While my goal is to learn how to milk myself without touching myself I am also learning to enjoy anal pleasure for its own sake even without producing anything. I like the feeling of my dildo massaging my prostate and I enjoy the pleasure of filling my greedy rear and ramming my dildo in and out. I am learning how to appreciate a very different sex life than that enjoyed by a ‘real’ man but it seems appropriate for me as the property of Ms Lee.

Male Milking and the Benefits for a Submissive

August 29, 2015

Ms Lee currently has me committed to the goal of learning how to milk myself anally. She wants me to become proficient enough to be able to milk myself solely from stimulating my prostate without touching my genitals at all. Me Lee has tried to have me learn how to milk myself before but this time it is obvious that she is serious and will not relent until I succeed. For my part I am determined to learn how to milk myself for two main reasons.

First and foremost I am determined to learn how to milk myself because it will please Ms Lee. Over the course of the last few months since she took me back as her property I have become ever more submissive to her and I am more desperate than ever to please her. It is clear that Ms Lee sees this as a major step in my journey as her property and I am anxious to go down this path. The other reason I am interested in learning how to milk myself is to eradicate the pigmale inside me. My pigmale urges continue to distract me from focusing on Ms Lee’s pleasure and have gotten me in trouble when I have bothered her with my concerns about when I might be allowed a pleasurable release. I was quite distraught when this occurred because I am truly interested only in her pleasure but sometimes my pigmale urges get the better of me. I am hopeful that when I learn how to milk myself that my pigmale urges will cease to distract me.

There are two main parts to my program of learning how to milk myself. The first is to search the web for information on how to milk myself. There is a wealth of information available about prostate milking including many excellent videos as well as tutorials and blogs. The second part of my program involves my practice sessions when I actually try to milk myself. I have two anal dildos that I have been using in my practice and I am also interested in purchasing an Aneros anal dildo which is specifically designed to enable prostate milking. Here is the link to the Aneros dildo I am interested in:

One of the first things I learned about prostate milking is that long term chastity is necessary in order to ‘prime the pump’. I have learned this from my readings as well as my own personal experience. Prostate milking is nowhere near as intense as masturbation using your hands or actual sexual intercourse. Stimulation of the prostate is pleasant, but requires the desperate need generated by long term chastity to enable successful milking. I have voluntary given up my weekly opportunities to beg for permission to milk myself since it is recommended that a male be in chastity for a month or two before prostate milking becomes easy to achieve. I expect that once I become proficient at milking myself that long term chastity may not be required but for now I think it is absolutely necessary.

Another important thing I have learned about prostate milking is that it can’t be rushed. Masturbation using your hands can be accomplished in as little as a minute and I must confess that I rarely last much longer. Long term chastity and denial have ruined my ability to hold back and on the rare occasions when have been allowed a pleasurable release I have been embarrassed at how quickly I release. But prostate massage is very different. It can take five to ten minutes just to get really warmed up. Even then you can’t just force a release, it must be coaxed with patience and persistence.

I begin my anal milking practice sessions by getting comfortable, taking off all clothing except my panties. I then get into position lying on my back with my legs slightly spread. I then take my well lubricated anal dildo and slowly begin inserting it into my greedy rear. As I do so I meditate about Ms Lee and my submission to her. This helps to get me into the proper state of mind. I approach my attempts at milking myself in a relaxed manner, unlike pigmale masturbation which is a rapid, frantic race to ejaculation.

As my anal dildo slides further into my rear I gently press it upwards towards my prostate. Both of my anal dildos vibrate, producing a pleasurable feeling as I massage my prostate. The pleasurable feeling I experience builds up slowly and never reaches the heights of intense pleasure that I used to enjoy when masturbating. It takes a long time but gradually I get warmed up and begin rocking about as my dildo teases my prostate. My movements become more frenzied as I slide my dildo in and out.

As I thrust my dildo in and out of my desperate rear I usually find myself thinking about being taken by Ms Lee’s strap on. I find a perverse pleasure in experiencing sex like a female, desperately thrusting my hips as I attempt to pull the dildo deeper into my ass. I gradually build up my tempo and soon I am gyrating like mad, ramming my prostate against my anal dildo. I keep this up for 10 or 20 minutes until I collapse in exhaustion and frustration. I am hopeful that as my time in chastity increases I will be able to succeed in milking myself but so far I have been not been able to do so.

Although I have not yet succeeded in becoming proficient at milking myself I have already begun to appreciate the benefits of male milking. One important benefit is that I now have an effective and acceptable way to channel my pigmale desire for sexual relief and pleasure. When I begin to feel desperate for sexual stimulation I no longer think about touching myself and masturbating, instead I respond by finding an opportunity to practice milking myself. I think this is part of a rewiring process that is going on inside of me where my pleasure center is migrating from my penis to my anus. When I think about this I realize that Ms Lee had provided me a way to avoid the feelings of guilt that I experience when I am tempted to touch myself for sexual pleasure. I know that she is deeply disappointed in me when I express an interest in touching my penis for pleasure but I am also aware that she enjoys seeing me pursue my relief via milking of my prostate.

I know that Ms Lee will be pleased if master male milking as my primary and possibly sole method of sexual release. I suspect it will amuse her to have eradicated my penis as a pleasure organ, permanently rewiring me so that anal sex is the only sex life for me. I will no longer enjoy the explosive sexual release that comes from touching myself and masturbating but I hopefully will get relief from the desire for such pleasure. If I can please Ms Lee and avoid the pigmale temptation to touch myself I will be thrilled. These are major benefits that I believe will make me a much better submissive for Ms Lee.

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A new goal

August 11, 2015

During my last session of begging Ms Lee for permission to milk myself I mentioned that I felt tortured by the desperate desire to touch myself and I said that I thought I would be happier if she could completely eradicate the pigmale inside of me. She kindly agreed to help me and told me to learn how to milk myself through my prostate with out touching my penis or scrotum. She wants me to keep her appraised of my progress and let her know when I have reached the point where I can milk myself at will.

The very next day I began practicing to learn how to milk myself, using my ‘bigger tool’:
Learning to milk myself

Fortunately there are many websites with information on learning how to milk yourself such as these:
prostate milking
forbidden art of prostate milking
pleasure mechanics

I must admit that I have mixed feelings about this new goal that Ms Lee has set for me. On the one hand I am looking forward to having the pigmale inside of me eradicated or at least harnessed for Ms Lee’s purposes. I believe it will please her greatly when I have learned how to milk myself and I am always anxious to find ways to please Ms Lee. But I am also concerned about the changes in my ‘sex life’ that achievement of this goal will bring about.

Ms Lee has not stated exactly how learning to milk myself will result in the eradication of the pigmale in me but I suspect that my opportunities for touching myself will be strictly limited in the future, if not fully eradicated along with the pigmale in me. It is the pigmale in me that creates the maddeningly frustrating desire to touch myself so if the pigmale is eradicated will the desire to touch myself also be eliminated? I suspect that Ms Lee will allow me to milk myself frequently but I don’t know if that will completely eliminate the desire to touch myself. Even if the desire for a release is satiated by my milking I may still desire to touch myself for the sheer pleasure that stroking an erect penis brings.

Of course stroking an erect penis is the act of a real man and Ms Lee has made it clear that I am not a real man. I am her property and permission to touch her property is only granted at her whim, if it pleases her. It is quite possible that once I learn to milk myself Ms Lee may no longer see any need to allow me to touch her property. I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like to no longer touch myself at all, nor what it would be like to only experience a release by milking myself with no touching allowed. But if Ms Lee expects this to become my new ‘sex life’ then I will be anxious to please her regardless of how significant the changes to my sex life might be.

I am not entirely sure how this will all turn out and I don’t know if Ms Lee will come right out and tell me exactly what she expects. She frequently likes to let me sort things out for myself, probably because I learn better that way.

A renewed anal focus

March 9, 2013

As will occasionally happen I have recently been experiencing a few personal issues that have caused a bit of stress in my life. Ms Lee has been very supportive, once again demonstrating her unique approach of caring dominance. Understanding my situation she has allowed me some latitude, but has made it clear that this is not an excuse for me to slack off in my devotion to her. I have continued my duties as her faithful panty washing boy, carefully cleaning the panties that caress her everyday. I also continue to assist her in other ways. I am not sure if it is intended to address my recent stress, but she has also introduced a renewed focus on my anal submission.

During a recent conversation Ms Lee had asked me about my fantasies and I admitted that due to my relentless, extended chastity I have frequently found myself thinking about anal stimulation. Ms Lee’s expectations seem to deviously lead me in this direction. While I am not allowed to touch myself in a sexual manner she does allow one ‘exception’ – I am always free to stimulate my prostate using an anal plug or dildo. The longer I am in chastity, the more desperate I become for any sort of sexual stimulation. But anal stimulation does not provide me anything close to the pleasure and release that I used to derive from wanking like a teenage boy. Instead it leaves me more frustrated than ever, increasing my desperation in an endless cycle. While I do not derive any real complete satisfaction from my anal stimulation I do hope that my desperate attempts please Ms Lee.

One evening after Ms Lee reintroduced the focus on my anal stimulation I inserted my anal plug before I went to bed for the night. I thought I was going to go straight to sleep but I soon became badly distracted by the plug in my rear. I found myself clenching my rear and enjoying the pressure against my prostate. It was quite maddening as I desperately desired a release but the plug did nothing more than tease me. I continued to press against my plug for quite some time before I finally slipped off to sleep, with thoughts drifting in my head of being taken by Ms Lee’s strap on.

I woke a few times during the night and each time I immediately began clenching my rear and pressing against the plug. When I woke in the morning I was so frustrated and excited that I immediately got out my Bigger Tool and proceeded to attempt to milk myself. I was not able to produce anything, but I certainly enjoyed trying. For those who might not be familiar with my Bigger Tool, it is a large, 8 inch long dildo of the sort that a woman would ordinarily use. I had initially began my anal stimulation using one of the slim anal massagers that are popular, but it amused Ms Lee to have me graduate to a ‘bigger tool’. A tool which is much more substantial than my own inadequate member which has been shrunken further as a result of my constant, extended chastity.

Ms Lee now expects me to experiment with different sized and shaped anal toys. I currently have a few standard butt plugs as well as my two anal stimulators. If anyone has any suggestions I would be interested to hear about them.

A squandered opportunity

January 14, 2013

During the years that I have spent as The Property of Ms Lee I have come to understand that Ms Lee enjoys seeing me endure increasingly extended periods of strict chastity. As my chastity periods began to counted in terms of months Ms Lee kindly allowed me to attempt to milk myself to release the pressure in my balls, but only very rarely allowed me to touch myself in a sexual manner.  And I never know whether my chastity periods will end in a pleasurable or ruined release.

All of this keeps me in a heightened state of extreme frustration. This longer my period of chastity the more desperate I become to please Ms Lee, which may explain why she steadily increases my chastity periods. I suspect she also just simply enjoys owning a boy whose sexual pleasure is always firmly denied.

To keep my sexual pleasure firmly under her control Ms Lee requires that my inadequate penis be restrained by my cruelly tight chastity sleeve. I am allowed to remove my sleeve while I sleep, but it must immediately go back on as soon as I wake and finish taking my morning shower. At first my chastity sleeve was kept in place by three relatively loose chains, but over time the chains were shortened and more were added. My shrunken penis is now firmly restrained by five viciously tight chains.

Obviously I could cheat while my sleeve is not in place but long ago Ms Lee trained me to understand that I would only be cheating myself out of the joy of knowing that I am her loyal boy, pleasing her with my extended chastity. She also trained me to understand that for a boy with an inadequate penis, masturbation only provides me with a short lived pleasure. And as a result of extensive long term chastity I no longer have the self control to enjoy masturbation for more than a brief minute or two.

Ms Lee has trained me to understand that long term chastity is much more appropriate and satisfying for a boy like me. My satisfaction comes from knowing that my chastity pleases her. Unlike masturbation there is no limit to how long I can enjoy the satisfaction of pleasing Ms Lee in this way. And perversely I have learned to feel comforted by the embrace of the chastity chains. When I feel the cruel bite of the chains it actually feels like Ms Lee has me in her firm grip, reminding me how fortunate I am to be her boy.

Unfortunately my growing inability to control myself led to a squandered opportunity recently. My frustration had reached a fever pitch as I exceeded 100 days in chastity for the pleasure of Ms Lee.  One morning as I was attaching the chains that encircle my chastity sleeve I felt my deprived penis begin to tremble, which frequently happens while attaching the tight chains around my straining penis. When this happens I have to wait for my penis to calm down and shrink enough to attach the chain. But this time my unruly penis did not calm down and instead began to leak and dribble uncontrollably. I clearly released a full load but I experienced no pleasure whatsoever. Instead I had a frustrating, ruined orgasm.

I promptly reported my lack of control to Ms Lee, expecting to be punished for releasing without her permission. I was pleasantly surprised when she told me that I was ok because she had been just about to tell me to have a release. But I was heartbroken when I learned that she had intended to allow me a rare pleasurable release. Because I was unable to control myself I had blown my chance and instead had to suffer the intense frustration of a ruined orgasm.

Although the pressure in my balls has been relieved my frustration has continued unabated. In fact it has been greatly magnified, knowing that it could very well be spring time before it pleases Ms Lee to allow me to release again. And of course I have no idea whether she will then enjoy seeing me experience a pleasurable release, or just the frustration of another ruined orgasm.

Playing with my breasts

December 8, 2012
Every time I dress up for Ms Lee in one of my new corsets I have found myself becoming more and more aware of my breasts and nipples. My corsets frame my breasts very nicely and I can’t help wondering what it would feel like to caress them. I think my extended chastity has also made me quite desperate for any sort of sexual stimulation. Recently I asked Ms Lee if her ‘no touching’ rule included my breasts and nipples. She gave me permission to touch myself there, but told me to keep her ‘abreast’ of my experiences since she was not entirely sure about the idea.
The first time I tried it I restricted myself to just lightly rubbing my breasts and pinching my nipples. I found the sensation quite pleasant and although I eventually felt my penis become a bit excited I think I actually enjoyed the subdued pleasure experienced by my breasts even more. Even after I stopped touching myself I continued to feel a warm, pleasing feeling emanating from my breasts. I found the pleasure to also be a bit frustrating, similar to the teasing, limited sexual thrill I derive from anal stimulation.
Today I tried  playing with my breasts while using my anal vibrator. I expected things to be a bit more intense so I decided to use clothes pins on my nipples to heighten the experience. Before I tried this I put on my chastity sleeve, including the viciously tight fifth chain that pleases Ms Lee so much. She enjoys having my long deprived penis painfully restrained and I wanted to insure that my sexual stimulation was focused solely on my breasts and my rear. This would leave my penis ignored and limp, hopefully pleasing Ms Lee a bit more.
Once my penis was firmly restrained I began to slide my anal vibrator up my desperate rear. I used to use a small, slim anal vibrator, but Ms Lee wanted me to use a bigger tool. I now use a large woman’s vibrator that is nearly twice as thick and long as my penis is on the rare occasions when Ms Lee allows it to become erect. My bigger tool does an excellent job of stimulating my prostate, driving me to extreme heights of frustrating pleasure. As I began to grind my rear and drive my vibrator further into my rear I began massaging my nipples. As they became excited and began to firm up a bit I attached clothes pins to them, tightly squeezing and pinching them.
With my nipples pinned and the vibrator rubbing my prostate I began to get incredibly excited. I was soon bucking and grinding as hard as I could, my sensations magnified by the pain centered in my breasts. I continued to rub my prostate as the pleasure/pain continued. I was not able to milk myself, but I found I did not care. I think I am learning to better enjoy the limited sexual stimulation that Ms Lee allows me and I have discovered that playing with my nipples adds quite a special thrill to the experience.
I got another ‘thrill’ when I removed the clothes pins. I felt an excrutiating pain as the blood flowed back into my nipples. I immediately tried to rub them in an attempt to releve the pain, but found that it hurt too much to touch them. For a while it felt like the clothes pins were still attached and all I could do was wait for the phantom pain to subside.
I know that Ms Lee will continue to firmly enforce her ‘no touching’ rule with regards to my penis and balls. However, I sincerely hope that she might decide to allow me to continue to touch my breasts and nipples.

Videos for Ms Lee

August 22, 2012

Recently I made a short video for Ms Lee that displayed myself using my anal dildo. I got quite worked up during the video, shaking and even quivering as I experienced a dry orgasm. Me Lee seemed to enjoy the video, but then surprised me by saying that she wanted to have me post the video on public viewing sites like Xtube. She also expected me to make more videos to post.

I was shocked that I was going to be exposed in this manner and was even more shocked at the results when I put the video online. Thousands of people soon viewed my video and sent me comments. It was obvious that gay or bi guys were my primary audience and that they were frequently masturbating while watching me ravage my rear with my vibrating dildo. I felt like I had been reduced to becoming a piece of pornography that was freely available for anyone to take advantage of.

When Ms Lee viewed my first video she commented that I should ‘get a bigger one’, meaning a bigger dildo. I went shopping for one, but could not find any larger anal dildos. I was humiliated when I realized that I had no choice but to purchase a large woman’s vibrating dildo. I then created a second video for Ms Lee that shows me pleasuring myself with my ‘bigger tool’.

It is now over four months since Ms Lee last allowed me to enjoy a normal, pleasurable release. I am beginning to suspect that she expects me to live without pleasurable pigmale releases and to learn how to fully enjoy the anal pleasures that she allows me. I am very glad that she allows me to freely use my anal dildo since it appears that my penis is no longer a source of pleasure for me.

Here is the link to my first video : Dry orgasm while shaking and quivering

and here is the link to my second one : A bigger tool – quivering to another dry anal orgasm

I am always anxious to please Ms Lee, so please let me know if you have any suggestions for additional videos.

Permission to masturbate

June 11, 2012

Yesterday Ms Lee surprised me by giving me permission to masturbate. I have been in chastity for nearly two months while faithfully abiding by her no touching rule, so I was quite excited as I read her message:

When you get this email, at first opportunity today, and today only, remove all chains. Plug up. Remove sleeve. Masturbate & edge, then back off. Keep edging & backing off (no ejaculation at all) for 20 minutes. When done, you may use the plug to try and cum, but use the plug and the plug only. You may touch the plug, but can no longer touch your penis. When done, put the sleeve & chains back on.

Needless to say, I did exactly as Ms Lee expected, even though it was incredibly frustrating. When I was finished I immediately sent her a report on my experience:

I am on my knees right now thanking you for providing me an opportunity to masturbate, even though I was not allowed to release while touching myself. After 57 days in extended chastity, and abiding by your no touching rule, it was deliciously frustrating to be allowed to edge, but not to ejaculate.

I was out when I received your email and my penis strained against my chastity sleeve like crazy as I anticipated how awesome it would be to actually touch myself in a sexual manner. When I finally got home and had some privacy I quickly removed my chains, inserted my plug and removed my sleeve. As I took hold of my penis and began to stroke it I began to understand just how torturous it would be to edge for 20 minutes while ejaculation was prohibited. In less than a minute I had to stop stroking for fear that I might release my huge load of build up cum already. My penis twitched and shook from the intense teasing as I struggled to control myself. I desperately wanted to grab hold of my penis and masturbate like a mad man, but I was determined that I would not disappoint you by allowing an unauthorized release.

I probably wasted at lease a minute waiting for my deprived penis to calm down enough so that I dared to begin stroking again. Once again I had to stop well before another minute was up as I felt my unruly penis begin to twitch again. I was tortured by the realization that I was spending much more time desperately fighting for control than I was enjoying my brief opportunity to enjoy touching myself. I tried slowly rubbing my shaft, but within seconds I was masturbating furiously again, almost losing control as I reluctantly released my penis and watched it twitch once more.

I continued this frustrating cycle, alternating between very brief periods of delirious sexual enjoyment separated by much longer periods of desperately fighting to control my pigmale desire to release explosively. As I glanced at the clock I realized that I had already squandered well over half the time you had generously allowed me to play with myself and had only managed a few minutes of actual masturbation. Perversely this only caused me to stroke more furiously, quickly reaching the point where my twitching penis forced me to stop again.

All too soon I reached the final minute of my masturbation allowance and I desperately tried to control myself so I could enjoy it. Unfortunately I almost immediately began twitching again and reluctantly had to stop once again. I almost cried as I saw the clock reach the twenty minute mark, realizing that I was no longer allowed to touch myself.

The next portion of your generosity was even more frustrating as I tried to milk myself with my huge Worship plug. I desperately wanted to stroke myself as I did so, but my no touching training effectively prevented me from doing so. I was being driven insane as I gyrated like crazy, but was unable to produce. Soon I was ramming the plug into my rear, imagining you taking me with your strap on. I kept up in this manner for quite a while and finally collapsed in exhaustion, realizing that the plug alone was not enough to get me off.

I then removed the plug, cleaned myself up and put the sleeve & chains back on. That nasty fifth chain bit viciously as it eliminated the last of my erection and returned my poor penis to extended chastity.

It is so much harder to resist the urge to touch myself now that I have been reminded how pleasurable it is to masturbate. I am almost glad that the fifth chain is back in place, firmly enforcing your no touching rule.

Once again I am back on my knees thanking you for this opportunity. I hope it pleases you that I remain in faithful chastity for your pleasure.

A couple of hours later I realized that my deprived penis had released a small bit of cum. It was nothing like a full milking or ruined orgasm, it was more like a pathetic leakage that did nothing but frustrate me even more.

Severe chastity continues

May 30, 2012

About the time that I reached 5 weeks in chastity Ms Lee took mercy upon me and told me to take a week off from wearing the viciously tight fifth chastity chain. I was extremely thankful for her generosity and enjoyed an entire week free from the intense pain inflicted by that chain whenever my deprived penis attempted to become erect. The remaining four chains were still quite effective at preventing anything approaching a full erection, but without the nasty bite that the fifth chain inflicts.

When my week of relative freedom was up I sent Ms Lee this message, asking at the end whether I was to return to the harsh control of the fifth chain:

As I continue my seventh week in chastity my desperation is reaching incredible heights, but when my frustration becomes too much I remind myself that my extended chastity is an opportunity to please you. I love pleasing you with extended chastity, but my hormones do begin to rage against the denial.This morning during Worship I was grinding against my huge Worship plug as hard as I could, but was unable to achieve any sort of release. I believe I have enough built up pressure inside that I am ready to try milking myself with my vibrating anal dildo again. I am not sure if you will consider my chastity period extended enough yet, but I think I will be begging you for permission to use it before long.

I also had an incredible struggle getting my chastity sleeve on this morning. My greedy penis kept straining against the sleeve as I slid it on. I am insanely horny this morning and my penis will not stop attempting to get hard. Every chain was another huge struggle and it took quite a while to get all four chains onto my unruly penis. Without the extra tight fifth chain my penis continues to bulge out between the four chains, but is unable to achieve anything near a true erection. I have enjoyed a week without the daily suffering inflicted by my fifth chain, but I think the week is about up, so I am now on my knees asking you to let me know whether I am to return to the extra security enforced by the fifth chain.

In my 43rd day of chastity for your pleasure,
wearing my pink panties today

I could have just resumed wearing the fifth chain without asking, but I was hopeful that Ms Lee might extend my period of freedom from that nasty fifth chain. Her reply was short and clear:

I do like that fifth chain.  Time to put it back on.

I felt like a condemned man when I received her response, but I have to admit that perversely, my penis twitched in desperate frustration as I read it. It has now been three days since I resumed enduring the intense restriction of the fifth chain. Once again my penis is raw and sore at the end of each day of painful chastity, but my only concern is for the pleasure of Ms Lee.

The fifth chain

April 25, 2012

For a few days now I have been enduring an extremely tight fifth chastity chain that I have attached to my chastity sleeve. This new chain is quite painful at times, stinging as is bites into my firmly restrained penis. However, as I explain below, I feel this increased level of chastity control is necessary and will insure that I adhere faithfully to Ms Lee’s no touching rule.

Here is the message I sent to Ms Lee explaining why I felt I needed the additional chain:

I hate to bother you again and risk annoying you with my trivial frustrations, but I feel I should let you know that my level of desperation is reaching even more incredible heights. For a year now I have been experiencing extended chastity periods and my level of frustration is nearly unbearable. My penis seems extra sensitive now and my panties are teasing it like crazy. I can’t stop straining against my sleeve and I frequently find myself grinding my rear against my seat. As you expected, I have not been using my anal dildo or plug during Worship and my rear is feeling quite neglected.

I have been so desperate lately that I have been worried that I might be tempted to touch myself again. I can’t conceive of disappointing you in such a way so for now I have added a fifth chastity chain to my sleeve. The four I normally use have allowed my penis to become partially erect between the chains which is driving me crazy with sexual desire. The partial erections result in my poor penis looking like some kind of restrained sausage and they are quite distracting.

To more firmly restrict my naughty penis I used one of those milking chains I had fashioned previously. It is a couple of links shorter than my normal chastity chains and digs in quite painfully whenever my misbehaving penis attempts a partial erection. I secured it at the end of my penis, right behind the head. So far I have found this addition to my chastity to be quite effective, with the tempting partial erections now eradicated (although my penis continues to strain frequently against the chastity chains). My penis is now very firmly restrained and in full submission to your will. I will continue to wear this fifth chastity chain until you tell me otherwise.