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Back to ‘normal’

January 22, 2012

Lately I have been distracted by some personal issues as well as a backlog of chores left over from the end of year holidays. Fortunately things have recently returned to a more ‘normal’ state of affairs. I commented on this in a message to Ms Lee:

Now that things have somewhat returned to ‘normal’, I was able to
enjoy an unrushed Worship session this morning, followed by another
attempt to milk myself. While I was unable to produce anything I found
it pleasurable (in a different way) just to be able to relax and
experience the sensation of rubbing the anal dildo against my
prostate. The sexual pleasure was nowhere near as intense as normal
male masturbation, but nevertheless I find myself looking forward to my
milking sessions.

I am still experimenting and learning how to adjust to deriving my
sexual pleasure solely thru my rear. Lately I’ve been using my anal
muscles to grip the anal dildo during my milking sessions, hugging it
as it slides in and out, trying to pull it in deeper and harder. Just
thinking about that has me doing the same thing right now with my anal
plug, which is quite frustrating, causing my penis to strain against
my chastity sleeve.

In my 14th day of chastity for your pleasure,
my 12th day of being plugged
and wearing my pink panties today

Some expectations for 2012

January 8, 2012

Due to some personal issues I have not had a chance till now to post the following chat that I had with Ms Lee on the last day of 2011:

Ms Lee: hi there,  just got out of shower & dressed

me: hello, I’m so glad that my attempts at milking myself are entertaining you. I am so desperate to please you in any way possible.

Ms Lee: lol
  i wouldn’t say pleased as much as entertained
me: Even if I’m only entertaining you 🙂
Ms Lee: entertaining is good
me: It is hard to describe just how intensely I get into it when I’m using that anal dildo
 I really think I’m responding like a woman is when they are being penetrated
 But it is SO frustrating because I never reach the point of satisfaction
  I just keep grinding and gyrating like mad
Ms Lee: i don’t know if you’re responding like a woman but that frustrating thing due to not quite reaching the point of satisfaction is the story of women during sex with men
  not all the time, of course
me: Well I guess I’m getting my turn
  I do know at times I have been unable to please a woman and left them unsatisfied
Ms Lee: then now you know exactly how they felt
me: Yes, I think I have an idea
Ms Lee: you “think”. ok then.
  i’ll remember that
me: oh, oh
  Did I say something wrong?
Ms Lee: you “think”
  you’re not sure
  i think you should be sure
  let’s just extend the no touching thing into the new year
  and using your new christmas present from me only
  as well as plugged daily
  i think that will help you’
me: plugged daily?
Ms Lee: yeppers
me: omg!
Ms Lee: i think this will help you to focus on a particular area of your body and give it lots of thought’
me: That plug teases me so badly!
Ms Lee: oh please. you love it

me: Yes, but it makes my penis strain like mad!
Ms Lee: again…oh please…give me a break. you like it
me: I have to admit that you seem to be rewiring my pleasure center
  from my penis to my rear
  I guess it is a good thing I’m learning to appreciate anal stimulation
Ms Lee: lol