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A different sort of Thanksgiving feast

November 29, 2009

Ms Lee has taken my by complete surprise once again. I just completed 40 days in chastity last Sunday and was expecting to be subjected to another lengthy period of chastity as usual. Instead, Ms Lee astounded me by instructing me to produce will for four days straight starting on Thanksgiving, for a minimum of 5 times each day.

I began my special Thanksgiving feast in earnest, producing 5 times on Thursday as expected. However, I soon discovered that there is such a thing as ‘too much of a good thing’. On Friday I was only able to produce 3 times. After ejaculating 8 times over the course of two days I was completely spent, unable to get it up again no matter how hard I tried.

Yesterday (Saturday) was even worse. I was only able to ejaculate twice and the second time i only produced a pitifully small dribble of cum. I can’t believe that I failed to meet Ms Lee’s expectations even when she was being generous to me and allowing me to wallow in my pigmale desire to masturbate.

I have learned a significant lesson from this. Ms Lee truly controls me and my pigmale desires. She can suppress my need to ejaculate and keep me chaste for 40 days or longer if it pleases her. However, she can also demonstrate to me that I can’t even meet her expectations when she is giving me what my pigmale desires want. I have no control – Ms Lee has all control. I am bound to her so tightly that I can’t even begin to fathom the depths she has taken me to.

A new chastity record

November 22, 2009

i have just set a new chastity record for myself, going 40 days without cumming for the pleasure of Ms Lee. i realize that others have gone much longer, but this is an incredible length of time for a compulsive masturbator like myself to endure without release. Thanks to Ms Lee’s training i no longer waste my time wanking and instead devote my efforts to Her pleasure and well being.

When Ms Lee gave me permission to ejaculate today, on my 40th day of chastity, She was even so generous as to allow me to touch myself while doing so. This is a very rare treat and i am so grateful to my Goddess for allowing me this pleasure.

i now begin a new period of chastity for the pleasure of Ms Lee. Of course i have no idea how long She will require me to remain chaste, or whether She will allow me to touch myself the next time i ejaculate. i am Her property and i will remain chaste as long as it pleases Her.

Ms Lee also has a tendency to keep me off balance and surprise me, so i will not even try to guesss when my next release will be. The only thing i can do is to continue to Worship Her, concentrate on Her pleasure and remember that my Goddess knows what is best for me.

Setting a new record

November 15, 2009

Today is day 33 of my current extended chastity period, devoted to the pleasure of Ms Lee. I am quite excited because in only three days I will set a new record for the length of chastity I have endured for my Goddess.

My only concern is that I do not know if Ms Lee will allow me to ejaculate soon after I set my new record. She is extremely unpredictable and always keeps me off balance. Since she knows I am expecting permission as soon as I set my record, it is quite possible she may choose to surprise me with her own perversely unique expectation.

At times like this I must always remind myself that my desires are inconsequential. All that matters is that I please Ms Lee and that is all I want to do.  She knows what is best for me and I trust her to give me what I need, not what mypigmale desires want.

I realize that others have endured much longer periods of chastity, but I am not used to going so long without release. Before I became Ms Lee’s property I was a compulsive masturbator, playing with myself every day and ejaculating whenever I felt like it.

Ms Lee has been very firm in changing my behavior and I am no longer allowed to even touch myself without Her permission. In a strange way I have found it helpful that Ms Lee now requires me to wear Her chastity sleeve every day, all day long. The sleeve prevents erections, which suppresses my pigmale desire to play with myself.

The sleeve prevents anything even close to a full erection since the inside diameter is only about one and an eighth inches. It is quite comfortable to wear when I am flacid, but severely tight when my cock makes a futile attempt to become erect.

Be careful what you wish for

November 8, 2009

Last week I mentioned that I was beginning to crave wearing Ms Lee’s chastity sleeve on the alternate days when I was not required to do so. Ms Lee had not allowed me to touch myself or masturbate for weeks at that time and I was being driven crazy with frustration by my rampant erections on the days I was free of Her sleeve. I desperately wanted to play with myself or cum, but did not want to violate her strict orders not to do so. Things were much easier to bear on the days when my cock was safely tucked inside her sleeve – no erections and no temptation.

After Ms Lee read my blog entry last week she granted my ‘wish’ and instructed me to begin wearing her chastity sleeve every day, all day long. Today is my seventh day in a row wearing her sleeve and I can feel my pitiful cock straining against it as I type these words.

The good news is that I no longer have to worry about being tempted to violate Ms Lee’s no touching or masturbating rules. My cock is prevented from enjoying anything close to a full erection and my pigmale desires are thus kept in check.

The bad news is that I am no longer able to even enjoy a full erection anymore. No touching, no masturbating and now no erections. That is my existence as Ms Lee’s property.

And I would have it no other way.

Craving her chastity sleeve

November 1, 2009

As my current chastity cycle approaches three weeks I am becoming quite frustrated and desperate for release.  I am frequently getting erections and my pigmale desires are rising to the surface.

Fortunately, as per Ms Lee’s schedule, today I am wearing her chastity sleeve, so my greedy cock is now under her firm control. It seems strange, but I am beginning to feel more at ease when I am wearing her chastity sleeve than when I’m not. When I wear her sleeve I don’t have to worry about my pigmale desires getting out of control. It is also quite frustrating to get an erection (or as much of one as her chastity devices allow) and know that I can’t do anything about it.

As a result, I now find myself in the situation where I feel more at ease, and more natural, on the days when I am wearing Ms Lee’s chastity sleeve. I am sometimes tempted to wear it on days when I’m not required, but I do not dare deviate from the schedule she established for me.

I leave it up to Ms Lee to determine if my schedule should be adjusted since she knows much better than myself what I need and how to deal with my pigmale desires.