A new chastity record

i have just set a new chastity record for myself, going 40 days without cumming for the pleasure of Ms Lee. i realize that others have gone much longer, but this is an incredible length of time for a compulsive masturbator like myself to endure without release. Thanks to Ms Lee’s training i no longer waste my time wanking and instead devote my efforts to Her pleasure and well being.

When Ms Lee gave me permission to ejaculate today, on my 40th day of chastity, She was even so generous as to allow me to touch myself while doing so. This is a very rare treat and i am so grateful to my Goddess for allowing me this pleasure.

i now begin a new period of chastity for the pleasure of Ms Lee. Of course i have no idea how long She will require me to remain chaste, or whether She will allow me to touch myself the next time i ejaculate. i am Her property and i will remain chaste as long as it pleases Her.

Ms Lee also has a tendency to keep me off balance and surprise me, so i will not even try to guesss when my next release will be. The only thing i can do is to continue to Worship Her, concentrate on Her pleasure and remember that my Goddess knows what is best for me.

One Response to “A new chastity record”

  1. experiment Says:

    best wishes on making 40 days. i am at 35 days for my Misrtess Kelli. i can undersand the pressure. i am at my record as well and not sure how much longer i will be required to last. i too was into routine masturbation, but i still miss it greatly.

    how does Ms. Lee make you ejaculate without touching yourself? is it rubbing or some other way?

    i am still curious about the chastity sleeve you designed. is it a pouch type?

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