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Anal relaxation

December 1, 2012

Once again I must apologize for the delay between postings. I have been dealing with some personal issues that have kept me quite busy and distracted. Things have been so hectic and stressful that I had even stopped wearing panties or enjoying my anal dildos and plugs. I have also been guilty of neglecting to keep in regular contact with Ms Lee and I am very grateful that she has been understanding and sympathetic. We recently had a nice chat that enabled us to catch up on things and I found that I felt much more at ease afterwards. During our chat we discussed my recent fascination with wearing stockings and corsets. I have been having some difficulty understanding why dressing up for Ms Lee excites me so much, but she put me at ease about that also.

Ms Lee put me so much at ease that tonight I dressed up again for the first time in a while. I put on the same pink corset, black stockings and red panties that I was wearing in the photos shown in my last blog entry. By the time I finished dressing up I was so sexually excited that I got out my large vibrating dildo and began playing with it. It took a while to get the big intruder comfortably inside my rear, but once I did I remembered just how much pleasure that huge tool could provide. Soon I loosened up and was gyrating like crazy.

At this point I was so excited that I felt the urge to grab hold of my own tool and masturbate. However I did not have permission from Ms Lee so I kept my hands off her property and returned to the only form of unrestricted sexual pleasure she allows me, rubbing my anal vibrator against my prostate. I was not able to milk myself, but I certainly enjoyed trying. Sometimes I remember the days when I was able to masturbate and release at will, but I am infinitely more satisfied and complete being in chastity for Ms Lee’s pleasure.

Dressing up for Ms Lee

November 4, 2012

Some of the panties that I wear for Ms Lee came with garters attached. I am always concerned that someone might notice the bulges caused by the snaps at the end of the garters that are designed to hold up stockings. I find it quite embarrassing to wear panties with garters and I am always fussing with them.  During a recent conversation with Ms Lee I admitted that constantly playing with the garters had caused me to  wonder what it would be like to wear stockings. Ms Lee immediately told me to purchase some stockings and try them out.

This of course led to further embarrassment for me as I went shopping for appropriate stockings. I was wearing a pair of panties with garters attached as I was shopping and I was terribly concerned that the sales ladies might notice the garters under my pants. The garters do not show too obviously through my thick pants, but I am always extremely self conscious when I am wearing them in public.

When I got home with my new stockings I discovered just how much trouble and hassle it is to attach stockings to garters. I can’t believe that women would go to all that trouble just to impress men and my deprived penis kept straining against my chastity sleeve as I pondered the fact that it was now I who was struggling quite significantly, concerned about making sure my appearance would be pleasing to Ms Lee. I have to admit that I was very happy and flattered when Ms Lee told me that my new stockings looked nice.

Shortly after purchasing my new stockings I was chatting to Ms Lee about my experiences with them when she shocked me by mentioning that I should wear a girdle with them to hold my stomach in. I do have a bit of a belly and I had to agree when she said that if I liked looking pretty then I should wear something to hold my stomach in so I would look better. Her comment about looking pretty then caused me to ask if I could try a corset instead. I have always loved the way a women looks when squeezed into a lovely corset and I found myself wondering what I would look like wearing one. Ms Lee kindly allowed that I could try a corset as long as it did a proper job of holding my stomach in.

As we discussed the idea of me trying a corset Ms Lee told me that I should purchase a white corset to match the white stockings I had purchased. She also told me that she wanted me to purchase a pretty pink corset rimmed with black. This of course meant more embarrassing shopping trips as I made the additional purchases that Ms Lee required. I then discovered that wearing a corset was even more challenging than stockings, but I had to admit that I was thrilled when Ms Lee approved of my modified appearance.

I was further mortified when Ms Lee told me that I should keep myself shaved from the groin down since she did not like the look of hairy legs under stockings. Once again I had to admit that she was correct and I proceeded to shave myself as she expected, including my cock, balls and all around my rear. This was probaly much more trouble than a woman goes through when shaving her legs, but Ms Lee has exacting standards for me and I would not dare disappoint her.

I have been mentally struggling with the reality that I am sexually excited when dressing up in my pretty new things. I was concerned that I was responding to stockings and corsets like a girl might but Ms Lee put me at ease, telling me that I was reacting just like someone who is surprised to learn something about himself that he didn’t know before. She told me that just like it was with panties I would soon learn to enjoy wearing stockings and corsets. She tells me that this does not mean I am a sissy, but I continue to be embarrassed by how much I truly enjoy wearing pretty things for Ms Lee.

Below are a few photos I took of myself wearing my new pink corset with black trim and stockings (over my freshly shaved legs). If my readers enjoy these photos I might include some shots of my white corset in a future post.