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Edging and frustration

September 26, 2012

About a week after I reported to Ms Lee that my penis had shrunk by over an inch she told me to fix my situation. To do this she instructed me to begin edging as much as possible, but under no circumstances was I allowed to release. Edging without releasing would be difficult under any conditions, but Ms Lee expected me to control myself even though it had been over five months since my last pleasurable release! Once again Ms Lee was demonstrating to me how deeply she cared for my well being, but I realized that her cure was going to subject me to some exquisite torture.

As I indulged in my first edging I discovered that the torture was going to be even worse than I had imagined. My badly beaten penis was still so raw and sore from the months of tightened chastity that it was actually painful to masturbate! I was so frustrated that I endured the pain and continued to wank like a crazed school boy but all too soon I could sense that I was about to lose control. I was only able to last about a minute the first time before I had to stop. I desperately waited for my twitching penis to calm down enough to try again, but the second time I was only able to last about a half minute. I tried a few more times, but I rapidly reached the point where I could barely touch my throbbing penis without losing control.

Somehow I managed to continue in this manner for an entire frustrating week without losing control. I also discovered another disturbing side effect of my long term chastity. Whenever I stopped touching my penis while edging my erections only lasted a short time before I became flaccid. I seemed to have lost my ability to maintain erections for any significant length of time. When I reported this new discovery to Ms Lee she told me she thought it might be temporary, but once again seemed to think my situation was of no great concern as she said we would just see what happens.

As I continued to edge I started using used my anal dildo at the same time. I was quite embarrassed to discover that I was able to obtain much more pleasure from my dildo than I experienced by edging. Whenever I masturbated until edging I had to stop all too soon or risk losing control. Rather than enjoying the freedom to masturbate, it was turning out to be an almost unbearable frustration. But I never had to stop when I was pleasing my greedy rear with my huge anal dildo, I could just go on and on. I was beginning to become jealous of women because they can cum repeatedly, but then I realized that Ms Lee was training me how to do the same thing (at the expense of having a functional penis).

Ms Lee then upped the ante and told me to rub my penis with lubricant the next time I edged. I couldn’t believe how awesome it felt to wank my slicked up penis. Unfortunately I nearly lost control immediately as my hair trigger penis began twitching like mad. I was beginning to dread edging, but Ms Lee seemed determined to see my penis regain some of its lost length.