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Another week in chastity

July 30, 2011

After being allowed to masturbate and tease myself almost to the point of release, I was frustrated beyond belief. I was hoping that Ms Lee might allow me to masturbate again, but instead a few days later I received this message from her:

You’re doing well.  Keep it up.  I leave Monday morning on an Express flight to L.A., have nearly a 3 1/2 hour layover, then fly directly to southern Utah–St. George.  Will be gone all week.  We leave Wednesday next week to drive back and want to stop somewhere to stay overnight.
Be a good boy and stay chaste for me.
Ms Lee was leaving for a week and expected me to remain chaste the entire time! I had been in chastity for her for 26 days at that point, but it was obvious my chastity would be extended for at least one more week. When she returned I believe she was pleased with my obedience, but she said nothing at all about allowing any release in the near future.

Allowed to masturbate!

July 24, 2011

After a few days of constantly wearing my chastity sleeve and performing daily Worship I was getting quite desperate. I mentioned to Ms Lee that I missed being able to have an unfettered erection. It is so frustrating to go for days (or weeks!) without enjoying a real erection.

One day shortly after I mentioned this to Ms Lee she sent me an exciting text message:

Be somewhere private. Masturbate until you desperately want to cum then stop. Right now.

Needless to say I obeyed and immediately found a private bathroom where I could do as she instructed. Unfortunately, I had gotten so excited by her message that my cock was straining mightily against my chastity sleeve, making it quite difficult to release the chains.

Finally, after a good deal of struggling my deprived penis was free and I began masturbating furiously. Shamefully it did not take long at all before I felt the beginnings of the urge to release. I badly wanted to stretch  things out and enjoy the freedom to masturbate but I just couldn’t control myself. I was SO desperate! Instead of enjoying a nice, long masturabtion session, I was ready to spurt allready. I had squandered the opportunity Ms Lee had so generously given me,

On the edge of release I sent Ms Lee this reply text message, hoping desperately that she would have mercy and tell me to enjoy the release I needed so badly:

Took sleeve off, wanked till I almost released, then stopped. My poor penis is still quivering and desperate!

I was dissappointed and frustrated to no end when I read her reply back:

Excellent. I am now freshly showered. Have a good day.

That was the last I heard from her that day! While I was masturbating like a little boy and enduring the maddening tease of a denied release, she had been taking a relaxing shower, seemingly unconcerned with my plight. She was now freshened, pleased with my obedience and went on to enjoy her day while I remained in desperate frustration, teased and denied.


Daily Worship begins again

July 23, 2011

The very next morning after I received my instructions from Ms Lee I began my daily Worship sessions again. Here is the message I sent her describing that  session:
This morning I performed a formal Worship session for you. It has been a while since I have done one and it brought back pleasant memories of previous sessions I performed for you.

As always, I began my Worship session by working my huge Worship plug into my tight rear. Yesterday was the first time I had used it in the last few weeks and it felt quite huge. I resorted to my method of rotating on the plug and gradually pushing down on it until I was able to stretch my rear enough to accept the intruder. I still feel an intense rush of pain and relief as it finally seats deep inside me.

The pressure of that huge plug inside me always excites me and causes my deprived penis to immediately harden. I had to pause a bit before I could continue my preparations by using one of my chastity chains as a cock ring due to the difficulty I had getting it on my straining penis. Then I slid on my pink & black thong as specified by my panty schedule and was ready to begin my Worship.

Next I recited my Worship phrase:
I need you Ms Lee, I love you, you make me complete

Then I backed up against my toilet bowl and began pushing the Worship plug inside myself. I thought back to all the times I had done this for you before and soon settled into a steady rhythm of grinding and pushing. All the time I could feel my penis straining against the cock ring, snug inside my panties. Thinking of you while doing this always excites me and I pushed against the bowl even harder. I desperately wanted to grab hold of myself and begin masturbating, but of course that is not allowed.

Realizing that you now expect me to do this every day for you again excited me even more and I rammed harder against the bowl. I kept this up for about 20 minutes and finally stopped, frustrated and exhausted. As I did so, I repeated my Worship phrase:
I need you Ms Lee, I love you, you make me complete.

I then cleaned myself up and put my full chastity sleeve on. I now begin a full day in chastity for your pleasure. I have no idea how long this chastity period will last, but I am not focused on that. My desire is to please you and I hope the thought of me restrained in my chastity sleeve brings a smile to your lovely face.

In chastity for you

Back into my chastity sleeve

July 21, 2011

I thought a good place to resume my blog would be at the point of 18 days into a recent chastity period that I endured for the pleasure of Ms Lee. For these 18 days I had been in communication with Ms Lee, but she had not given me any specific instructions on how I was to behave. That changed when I sent her this message:

I have continued to remain chaste for you and I am now in my 18th day of chastity for your pleasure. Needless to say. I am quite desperate and frustrated. Although I did not perform a formal Worship session, this morning I inserted my anal plug and rammed it against my bowl to try to relieve my desperate need for sexual stimulation. I continued this for a while, but I resisted the desire to masturbate. I want to remain chaste for you until it pleases you to allow me to cum, even if I set a new record this time. It has been two months since I came for you while we chatted on the day you took me back and since then I have only had one orgasm. I also have to admit that every time I get an erection during the day (which is quite frequent now), I think of you and experience an intense desire to wear my chastity sleeve for you again. Please excuse my focus on my own sexual desire, but I am getting quite frustrated. I am not complaining! I love being chaste for you, but I thought you would like to know what I am experiencing. I hope you have an enjoyable week.

I was quite excited when I then received this response from Ms Lee:

Put yourself in immediate chastity for me and perform a worship session every day, without fail.  I again want both email AND text communication from you daily.
I have worn my chastity sleeve every day since then and I have faithfully kept up my communications with Ms Lee. I do not hear from Ms Lee every day, but it is understood that I must always maintain my chastity and communication with her on a daily basis.

Back after a long break

July 20, 2011

Due to a variety of issues and events, I ceased posting updates to this blog over a year ago. I am now ready to resume this blog.

I think folks may find my most recent experiences with Ms Lee to be quite interesting! I will start over the next few days by making ‘catch-up’ posts to bring everyone up to date.