Back into my chastity sleeve

I thought a good place to resume my blog would be at the point of 18 days into a recent chastity period that I endured for the pleasure of Ms Lee. For these 18 days I had been in communication with Ms Lee, but she had not given me any specific instructions on how I was to behave. That changed when I sent her this message:

I have continued to remain chaste for you and I am now in my 18th day of chastity for your pleasure. Needless to say. I am quite desperate and frustrated. Although I did not perform a formal Worship session, this morning I inserted my anal plug and rammed it against my bowl to try to relieve my desperate need for sexual stimulation. I continued this for a while, but I resisted the desire to masturbate. I want to remain chaste for you until it pleases you to allow me to cum, even if I set a new record this time. It has been two months since I came for you while we chatted on the day you took me back and since then I have only had one orgasm. I also have to admit that every time I get an erection during the day (which is quite frequent now), I think of you and experience an intense desire to wear my chastity sleeve for you again. Please excuse my focus on my own sexual desire, but I am getting quite frustrated. I am not complaining! I love being chaste for you, but I thought you would like to know what I am experiencing. I hope you have an enjoyable week.

I was quite excited when I then received this response from Ms Lee:

Put yourself in immediate chastity for me and perform a worship session every day, without fail.  I again want both email AND text communication from you daily.
I have worn my chastity sleeve every day since then and I have faithfully kept up my communications with Ms Lee. I do not hear from Ms Lee every day, but it is understood that I must always maintain my chastity and communication with her on a daily basis.

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