Allowed to masturbate!

After a few days of constantly wearing my chastity sleeve and performing daily Worship I was getting quite desperate. I mentioned to Ms Lee that I missed being able to have an unfettered erection. It is so frustrating to go for days (or weeks!) without enjoying a real erection.

One day shortly after I mentioned this to Ms Lee she sent me an exciting text message:

Be somewhere private. Masturbate until you desperately want to cum then stop. Right now.

Needless to say I obeyed and immediately found a private bathroom where I could do as she instructed. Unfortunately, I had gotten so excited by her message that my cock was straining mightily against my chastity sleeve, making it quite difficult to release the chains.

Finally, after a good deal of struggling my deprived penis was free and I began masturbating furiously. Shamefully it did not take long at all before I felt the beginnings of the urge to release. I badly wanted to stretch  things out and enjoy the freedom to masturbate but I just couldn’t control myself. I was SO desperate! Instead of enjoying a nice, long masturabtion session, I was ready to spurt allready. I had squandered the opportunity Ms Lee had so generously given me,

On the edge of release I sent Ms Lee this reply text message, hoping desperately that she would have mercy and tell me to enjoy the release I needed so badly:

Took sleeve off, wanked till I almost released, then stopped. My poor penis is still quivering and desperate!

I was dissappointed and frustrated to no end when I read her reply back:

Excellent. I am now freshly showered. Have a good day.

That was the last I heard from her that day! While I was masturbating like a little boy and enduring the maddening tease of a denied release, she had been taking a relaxing shower, seemingly unconcerned with my plight. She was now freshened, pleased with my obedience and went on to enjoy her day while I remained in desperate frustration, teased and denied.


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