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No more touching allowed

October 1, 2012

I continued to edge as Ms Lee expected, attempting to regain some of the penis length that I had lost. At one point Ms Lee was even so kind as to allow me to remove my sleeve while continuing to edge. As I continued I finally lost control and had a ruined release. When I reported this to Ms Lee she just laughed at me and told me to continue edging.

I continued to edge as Ms Lee required, but it was quite frustrating and not at all pleasurable. Just when I thought I could continue no more Ms Lee surprised me by telling me to have a pleasurable release. On the previous rare occasions when Ms Lee has allowed me a pleasurable release I always tried to take my time so I could savor the experience. But this time I immediately released and then returned to chastity as Ms Lee expected, no more touching allowed.

Although it was all quite frustrating, the weeks of desperate edging had the desired effect. I was able to report to Ms Lee that due to her generous treatment my penis had regained just a bit over half of the length that it had lost. My erect penis now measured five and a half inches long instead of six, and it was now time to return it to the firm chastity sleeve where Ms Lee prefers to see it. I was allowed to loosen four of the chastity chains to their previous length, but Ms lee required that the fifth chain (The one just below the head of my penis) be kept as viciously tight as ever. With my other four chains loosened my penis is no longer red and sore, but the fifth chain remains as a firm reminder that my penis belongs to Ms Lee.