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The dry spell continues

March 20, 2012

As the first day of spring approaches I’m reflecting on the fact that I’ve only experienced two releases during the entire three month winter season. I am now averaging 45 days between releases and it is quite clear that Ms Lee has established lengthy, extended chastity as my normal state. I am now approaching a full month since my last release, but I am well aware that it might please Ms Lee to see me go through another month (or more!) of chastity before I am allowed any sort of release.
Ms Lee has continued her program of training me to empathize with the sexual frustration that a woman feels when she is left unsatisfied by a man. Every morning when I attempt to milk myself with my vibrating anal dildo I concentrate on learning this lesson. I am so desperate for any sexual stimulation that I have developed an intense craving for anal pleasure. At the same time I have come to accept the reality that my penis has ceased to be the center of my sexual focus.
Another aspect of my new sexual reality is that I realize it is pointless for me to think about enjoying normal male orgasms. I must concentrate instead on learning how to enjoy the limited, frustrating pleasure that anal stimulation provides. Even when I am allowed a special, rare release I know that Ms Lee might prefer to see my orgasm ruined, extending my period of frustration and denial. Ms Lee has spoiled me with two pleasurable releases already this year, so I am preparing my self for the real possibility that I could be entering another long dry spell. Then again, Ms Lee always keeps me off balance and seems to enjoy surprising me, so there is truly no way for me to anticipate what the new season may bring.


March 7, 2012

As reflected by my abscense from posting, hectic times have continued for me. Fortunately, Ms Lee has continued to grace me with her attention and expectations, which helped me to continue on.

Ms Lee seemed determined to have me learn my lesson about the sexual frustration women endure, so I remain plugged for 2 entire months. Every day I had a firm reminder of Ms Lee as the pressure against my prostate caused my penis to strain in futility against my chastity sleeve.

Twice I was surprised when Ms Lee allowed me pleasuable releases. Ms Lee can be quite kind, depending on her mood and whim, however I am still averaging less than one release per month so far this year.

At the beginning of this month Ms Lee surprised me again when she sent me this message:

Hi and happy March!  So today as soon as you read this, I’d like you to remove everything, including your chastity sleeve.  Still no touching, but nothing, not even during morning worship. Nothing. No plug, no panties, no dildo, no touching, no nothing until I tell you otherwise.

At first I thought I would enjoy the freedom from the plug, panties and chastity, but soon I realized just how deeply Ms Lee has conditioned me. Every day I felt like something deep inside was missing. I felt naked without my panties & chastity sleeve and was tormented by unfettered erections that I was not allowed to touch. I reported my experiences to her:

I actually feel empty today without my anal plug. I find myself
clenching the muscles in my rear, but there is nothing to press
against. I miss the sensation of the plug pressing against my prostate
and exciting my chastised penis.

And I truly missed using my anal dildo this morning. After 10 days in
chastity the pressure is building in my prostate. I had grown used to
using the anal dildo to ‘scratch that itch’, but now all I can do is
clench my rear and feel my penis strain in frustration.

I know I will be thinking of you frequently today. Not because of the
anal plug in my rear, but perversely because it is missing.

Ms lee then surprised me again by responding:

Lol…wow.  Happened quicker than I thought.  Ok, experiment over.  Go ahead and panty again, plug up for worship, etc, etc.

Yesterday morning I gave Ms Lee a report on my return to panties & chastity:

This morning I also enjoyed using my anal dildo. However, as always I
was tormented by the long, slow buildup to the teasing edge of sexual
pleasure. I am never able to reach the point of true, intense pleasure
like I used to enjoy when I masturbated. Instead I hover at the edge,
close enough to know what I am missing, but denied any hope of a real

In my 15th day of chastity for your pleasure,
Wearing my red panties with garters