The dry spell continues

As the first day of spring approaches I’m reflecting on the fact that I’ve only experienced two releases during the entire three month winter season. I am now averaging 45 days between releases and it is quite clear that Ms Lee has established lengthy, extended chastity as my normal state. I am now approaching a full month since my last release, but I am well aware that it might please Ms Lee to see me go through another month (or more!) of chastity before I am allowed any sort of release.
Ms Lee has continued her program of training me to empathize with the sexual frustration that a woman feels when she is left unsatisfied by a man. Every morning when I attempt to milk myself with my vibrating anal dildo I concentrate on learning this lesson. I am so desperate for any sexual stimulation that I have developed an intense craving for anal pleasure. At the same time I have come to accept the reality that my penis has ceased to be the center of my sexual focus.
Another aspect of my new sexual reality is that I realize it is pointless for me to think about enjoying normal male orgasms. I must concentrate instead on learning how to enjoy the limited, frustrating pleasure that anal stimulation provides. Even when I am allowed a special, rare release I know that Ms Lee might prefer to see my orgasm ruined, extending my period of frustration and denial. Ms Lee has spoiled me with two pleasurable releases already this year, so I am preparing my self for the real possibility that I could be entering another long dry spell. Then again, Ms Lee always keeps me off balance and seems to enjoy surprising me, so there is truly no way for me to anticipate what the new season may bring.

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