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Ms Lee Considers Marriage

January 28, 2016

Recently Ms Lee has informed me that if someday she were to marry a lucky man my own status would not change. I would still be her property and I would still be required to serve as her personal servant and butler. As her servant I would be responsible for providing her with massages and pedicures, attending to her when she was dressing or bathing and also providing sexual service in whatever manner she required. She also informed me that I would be responsible for recruiting other subs or bulls or even couples for her and her husband to play with. With all these real men at her disposal I suspect that my deprived penis would remain securely locked in chastity whenever I was lucky enough to be allowed to sexually service her (She did inform me that my penis would be in locked chastity at all times).

I have been having a difficult time wrapping my head around the implications of all this. I absolutely support the idea of Ms Lee being happily married, hopefully to a well endowed alpha male who could sexually please her like a real man (something I know I am incapable of doing). But even though Ms Lee has told me I would not have to service her husband sexually I still struggle with the idea that I have to serve him in non-sexual ways. Obviously he would be my superior and I would have to get used to the idea that I would be his servant also, taking care of all domestic matters for him as well as anything else he required that did not involve sexual service.

I find the idea of being the butler and servant of a man who is free to enjoy Ms Lee’s affections in every way quite intimidating. The thought of being required to perform menial tasks for him such as shining his shoes seems very demeaning. Supported with my fantasies about being a sissy maid, it is easy to imagine being Ms Lee’s servant, toiling for her pleasure. But it is a very different matter to consider doing so for another man. I have no homosexual tendencies so I am in no way attracted to other men or turned on by thoughts of serving them. The concept of being required to serve Ms Lee’s husband rips open the reality of my submission to Ms Lee, forcing me to face the raw consequences of willingly being an indentured servant.

The more I think about the implications of being the servant to Ms Lee and her husband the more challenging I find the concept. For instance, with a happily married couple in the house I suspect I would spend a sizable portion of my time toiling alone, working hard to keep up with a busy household with two masters to serve. Keeping Ms Lee satisfied and taking care of all her domestic matters would be challenging enough, but with a real man in the house to also serve I would have to work twice as hard to keep up with everything. I would also have two sets of eyes watching out for any failings on my part so I would have to work harder yet to make sure my services were satisfactory. And instead of being Ms Lee’s sole source of interaction and company I would just be the servant in the background, constantly working hard in the hope that she might briefly turn her attention away from her husband and notice my desperate devotion.

Then last night as I was looking out at the snow I was thinking how nice it would be to curl up with Ms Lee by the fireplace. But it occurred to me that if she were married she would probably more often be curling up with her husband and not me. They would be in love with each other so it would only be natural that romantic events like that would involve the two of them. In a situation like that I’m not sure if it would be harder for me to be excluded or if it would be more difficult to be involved, but as the servant to the two of them. Ms Lee assures me that she would continue to provide me with affection and personal contact. I find this very reassuring but I can’t stop thinking that her affection for me would become more like that one would bestow upon their favorite dog. Her true love would be her real man and husband while I would constantly be begging just to be noticed and hoping that she might rub my head.

All of this just really hammers home the point that I am really nothing other than Ms Lee’s property, required to do whatever she desires. I find this all quite disturbing and the only way I can find to manage it is to remind myself that my responsibility is to always focus on nothing but Ms Lee’s pleasure and satisfaction, with no regard for my own pigmale desires. Our relationship is based on her happiness and satisfaction, enhanced by my willing submission to her and my sacrifices for her pleasure. I must firmly push all thoughts of self gratification out of my mind as they only distract me from my higher purpose in life – Ms Lee’s happiness. I have to acknowledge that this is what I truly desire out of life and I am truly grateful that Ms Lee would consider keeping me as her property in the happy event of her marriage.

Ms Lee Takes Her Property Back

June 1, 2015

After a very long absence I am bringing this blog back to life. My status with Ms Lee has undergone a number of changes over the last couple of years but recently she has taken me back as her strictly controlled property, with a number of new expectations. One of those expectations was that I resume weekly updates to this blog, without fail. I am quite aware of the severe consequences I would suffer if I failed to meet one of Ms Lee’s expectations so you can expect that my updates will be regular and timely.

This morning I got on my knees to thank Ms Lee for taking me back as her strictly controlled property. It will be difficult to adhere faithfully to all of her expectations but I am firmly committed to doing so, no matter how hard or frustrating it may be. Her no touching rule is especially maddening. My penis is straining against my lacy white panties as I type this, squirming in my seat in desperation. I don’t think words can properly describe just how stressed I am right now as I fight the battle to resist the urge to take her property in my hands. At present she has not required me to wear my chastity sleeve which in a perverse way makes things even more frustrating. My sleeve had always prevented me from enjoying anything near a full erection but now I must endure the incredible frustration of experiencing a rock hard erection that I am prohibited from touching.

It is particularly difficult in the morning when I wake up with a morning erection and feel the natural, naughty urge to masturbate like a little school boy. But as I awaken further I feel the overpowering frustration that comes with remembering that I am not allowed to touch Ms Lee’s property without her permission. I then must struggle against temptation as my deprived penis strains like mad inside my frilly panties. My panties add a nasty twist to my frustration as their silky caress of my penis teases it mercilessly. One of Ms Lee’s new expectations is that I no longer wear any male underwear at all. Nothing but frilly and lacy panties are allowed.

Before Ms Lee had recently taken me back as Her firmly controlled property I had fallen back into the naughty habit of frequently masturbating at will, sometimes multiple times a day. Ms Lee put an immediate end to my naughty pleasures and it has now been a full week since I last masturbated. It has been a major shock to go this long without cumming but I am grateful to Ms Lee. I understand that my lack of willpower regarding masturbation and playing with myself means that I need the firm control that Ms Lee has graciously provided me with.

Ms Lee has also generously given me permission to touch myself and masturbate on Wednesday morning, between 6 and 6:30 AM. She expects me to ruin my release by squeezing the tip of my penis to prevent the pleasurable explosion of cumming which will probably result in a frustrating dribble of cum, preventing me from enjoying the wild, free release a real man would experience. However I feel extremely grateful as I did not expect her to allow a release so soon at all. I will then not be allowed to touch myself again until I properly beg her again for permission. I am planning on waiting at least a week before doing so as I want to be in the proper state of mind to beg her with sincerity.

I actually could probably beg quite sincerely the very next day but I am hopeful that it will please Ms Lee if I endure an entire week of intense frustration before I bother her with the insignificant issue of my sexual pleasure. My focus is solely on her pleasure and my sexual pleasure is completely dependent on her whim and mood. In fact I am desperately hopeful that she will be pleased with my frustration as I doubt I would be allowed any sexual pleasure at all if my intense desperation did not please or amuse her.

A rare and generous treat

January 23, 2013

After my recent accidental (and pleasureless) release I was certain that it would please Ms Lee to see me endure another 100 days or more of chastity before she allowed me another release. Instead I was pleasantly surprised when she informed me less than a week later that I was to be allowed another release. Even more surprising was that she was going to allow me to enjoy a very rare pleasurable release! This was an extremely generous gift and I am quite aware that it may be a long, long time before I am allowed such a treat again.

Ms Lee had taken note that in my last blog entry that I mentioned I am unable to masturbate for more than a minute or two anymore. When I used to release almost every day I was able to enjoy masturbation for long periods of time. But due to the extended chastity periods I now endure as Ms Lee’s property I am no longer able to do so. On those rare occasions when I am allowed to masturbate the pent-up pressure in my balls makes me so frantic that I lose control almost immediately. This is quite frustrating and I can only hope that it pleases Ms Lee to have ruined my ability to derive any real enjoyment from masturbation.

Ms Lee informed me that two minutes was thus going to be the limit for how long I would be allowed to masturbate. She told me to set a timer and have at it until the timer went off. I have to admit that it was intimidating to be faced with such a strict limit on how long I would be allowed to enjoy myself, particularly since it had been just about 120 days since I had enjoyed my last pleasurable release. As I pondered this it occurred to me that Ms Lee was rewarding me with exactly one second of pleasure for each entire day of chastity that I had endured for her.

To make things even more frustrating (if that was possible!) it took me a while to even get hard once I had started the timer. I was probably too focused on my time limit and frustration to allow myself to truly enjoy masturbating and I saw that thirty seconds had passed before I was able to achieve a full erection. As I continued to stroke my desperate penis I finally began to feel the true pleasure of masturbation and realized just how badly I missed being allowed to jack off at will. The realization that Ms Lee had taken such complete ownership of my sexual pleasure instilled such a perverse, intense excitement that I lost control and began to feel my balls clench and pulse in preparation to release. I desperately wanted to slow down so I could enjoy the full amount of time I was allowed but as I passed the minute and a quarter mark I released a messy load that I then licked up as I knew Ms Lee would expect.

I promptly thanked Ms Lee for allowing me such a generous gift and immediately returned to faithful chastity for her pleasure. I can only hope that she does not reduce my time limit accordingly for my next release now that I have once again demonstrated my pitiful lack of control.

No more touching allowed

October 1, 2012

I continued to edge as Ms Lee expected, attempting to regain some of the penis length that I had lost. At one point Ms Lee was even so kind as to allow me to remove my sleeve while continuing to edge. As I continued I finally lost control and had a ruined release. When I reported this to Ms Lee she just laughed at me and told me to continue edging.

I continued to edge as Ms Lee required, but it was quite frustrating and not at all pleasurable. Just when I thought I could continue no more Ms Lee surprised me by telling me to have a pleasurable release. On the previous rare occasions when Ms Lee has allowed me a pleasurable release I always tried to take my time so I could savor the experience. But this time I immediately released and then returned to chastity as Ms Lee expected, no more touching allowed.

Although it was all quite frustrating, the weeks of desperate edging had the desired effect. I was able to report to Ms Lee that due to her generous treatment my penis had regained just a bit over half of the length that it had lost. My erect penis now measured five and a half inches long instead of six, and it was now time to return it to the firm chastity sleeve where Ms Lee prefers to see it. I was allowed to loosen four of the chastity chains to their previous length, but Ms lee required that the fifth chain (The one just below the head of my penis) be kept as viciously tight as ever. With my other four chains loosened my penis is no longer red and sore, but the fifth chain remains as a firm reminder that my penis belongs to Ms Lee.

Edging and frustration

September 26, 2012

About a week after I reported to Ms Lee that my penis had shrunk by over an inch she told me to fix my situation. To do this she instructed me to begin edging as much as possible, but under no circumstances was I allowed to release. Edging without releasing would be difficult under any conditions, but Ms Lee expected me to control myself even though it had been over five months since my last pleasurable release! Once again Ms Lee was demonstrating to me how deeply she cared for my well being, but I realized that her cure was going to subject me to some exquisite torture.

As I indulged in my first edging I discovered that the torture was going to be even worse than I had imagined. My badly beaten penis was still so raw and sore from the months of tightened chastity that it was actually painful to masturbate! I was so frustrated that I endured the pain and continued to wank like a crazed school boy but all too soon I could sense that I was about to lose control. I was only able to last about a minute the first time before I had to stop. I desperately waited for my twitching penis to calm down enough to try again, but the second time I was only able to last about a half minute. I tried a few more times, but I rapidly reached the point where I could barely touch my throbbing penis without losing control.

Somehow I managed to continue in this manner for an entire frustrating week without losing control. I also discovered another disturbing side effect of my long term chastity. Whenever I stopped touching my penis while edging my erections only lasted a short time before I became flaccid. I seemed to have lost my ability to maintain erections for any significant length of time. When I reported this new discovery to Ms Lee she told me she thought it might be temporary, but once again seemed to think my situation was of no great concern as she said we would just see what happens.

As I continued to edge I started using used my anal dildo at the same time. I was quite embarrassed to discover that I was able to obtain much more pleasure from my dildo than I experienced by edging. Whenever I masturbated until edging I had to stop all too soon or risk losing control. Rather than enjoying the freedom to masturbate, it was turning out to be an almost unbearable frustration. But I never had to stop when I was pleasing my greedy rear with my huge anal dildo, I could just go on and on. I was beginning to become jealous of women because they can cum repeatedly, but then I realized that Ms Lee was training me how to do the same thing (at the expense of having a functional penis).

Ms Lee then upped the ante and told me to rub my penis with lubricant the next time I edged. I couldn’t believe how awesome it felt to wank my slicked up penis. Unfortunately I nearly lost control immediately as my hair trigger penis began twitching like mad. I was beginning to dread edging, but Ms Lee seemed determined to see my penis regain some of its lost length.

A new experience

July 6, 2012

Recently I had a very embarrassing experience that resulted in my being subjected to another correction by Ms Lee. It has been over two months since she allowed me a pleasurable release and my deprived penis is especially frustrated after I was recently allowed to masturbate (but did not cum!). Here is my report to Ms Lee concerning this experience:

This morning while I was putting on my chastity sleeve I experienced something I never have before. I had attached the first four chains on my sleeve, but was having a terrible struggle getting my desperate penis to accept the bitterly tight fifth chain. This happens almost every morning because my penis gets very excited from being touched as I am attaching the chains. It desperately attempts to enjoy a full erection, but the chains relentlessly bring it to heel and steadily eradicate the erection. I never touch myself in a sexual manner while attaching the chains, but my penis is so desperate for stimulation that any touching at all excites it very much.

This morning I had a particularly difficult time attempting to attach the fifth chain. Time after time I attempted to connect the chain, but the end of my penis was straining like crazy. In retrospect I suppose I should have distracted myself reading the news or something and just waited for my penis to calm down. Unfortunately, in my determination to attach the fifth chain I suppose I inadvertently provided my penis too much stimulation. I started to feel a strange sensation in my penis and realized that I was about to experience a release. I immediately took my hands away and tried to settle down, but it was too late. A small quantity of cum began to dribble out of the end of my penis and it just kept dribbling in this manner for a while. If my penis were not restrained by the four chains I’m sure I would have just released all at once, but the chains prevented this and only allowed a slow, pathetic dribble. I did eventually produce what appeared to be a full load of cum, but the experience was nothing like a normal release.

I suppose what I expereinced was a ruined orgasm since I had a full release, but experienced no sexual pleasure from it whatsoever. However, unlike any ruined orgasms I had before, I did not attempt to excite myself in any way before the release. I did not play with myself or masturbate, so there was no pleasure before my release. And I certainly did not gain any pleasure from the release since it was forced to dribble out of my firmly retrained penis. In fact, I am quite disappointed since I have now released over two months of built up cum, but accidentally, not as a result of milking myself or being teased.

As you would expect, I licked up the cum I released before I cleaned myself up. I then finished attaching all 5 chains to my chastity sleeve and put today’s panties on. I’m not sure if I should consider this as the start of a new chastity period, or a continuation of my current one since I was not allowed a pleasurable release. Please let me know if I should start the count of my number of days in chastity back at zero.

I was hoping that Ms Lee would be amused by my experience and perhaps be sympathetic to my plight. I do think she was amused as she replied that the good news was a healthy prostate. The bad news however was that I had cum without her permission. She told me to propose a list of ten possible corrections for my failure to control myself from which she would select two. Here is my response with my list:

Omg! I can’t beleive I have earned myself another correction.

I do have to admit that I came without permission, so I accept the fact that I require correction for my transgression. Below is my list of 10 options for you to choose from. Some of the corrections are relatively minor and some are much more severe than I expect you will choose. I wanted to provide you a range of options since I have no idea how severe you expect my correction to be. You never fail to surprise me and I will be breathlessly awaiting your decision.

1) Commit to experiencing no releases at all for at least another month.

2) Commit to experiencing no releases at all for at least two months.

3) Whip my penis until it is bruised and marked, at least as visible as previously, if not more so.

4) Whip my rear with my belt until it is at least as black & blue as last time.

5) Purchase the Gates of Hell CBT Plug for you as my July monthly tribute.

6) Temporarily (for at least a week) shorten the other four chains on my chastity sleeve by one link. This will leave them only about one link longer than the viciously tight fifth chain.

7) Permanently shorten the other four chains on my chastity sleeve by one link.

8) Purchase another pair of extremely feminine panties to replace one of the ones I currently wear.

9) Whip my rear with my belt until it is visibly bleeding (last time I caused a few small bleeding spots, but nothing very serious). I’m not sure I would be able to do this, but I will attempt it if you desire.

10) Commit to experiencing no pleasurable releases for an entire year – nothing but milking or ruined releases to be allowed.

Thank you for taking the time to correct me for my transgression. I am on my knees begging your forgiveness as I send you this list of corrections.

I felt quite relieved that Ms Lee did not select some of the more severe corrections I suggested. The two she chose were:

Option 5 (cbt plug)
Option 6 (temporarily shorten other 4 chains for one week)

I immediately shortened my other four chastity chains as she expected. I was shocked at how incredibly tight this made my chastity sleeve. It feels like my poor penis is constantly being pinched and squashed. At the end of every day it is red, raw and sore with deep marks left by the tightened chastity chains.

Severe chastity continues

May 30, 2012

About the time that I reached 5 weeks in chastity Ms Lee took mercy upon me and told me to take a week off from wearing the viciously tight fifth chastity chain. I was extremely thankful for her generosity and enjoyed an entire week free from the intense pain inflicted by that chain whenever my deprived penis attempted to become erect. The remaining four chains were still quite effective at preventing anything approaching a full erection, but without the nasty bite that the fifth chain inflicts.

When my week of relative freedom was up I sent Ms Lee this message, asking at the end whether I was to return to the harsh control of the fifth chain:

As I continue my seventh week in chastity my desperation is reaching incredible heights, but when my frustration becomes too much I remind myself that my extended chastity is an opportunity to please you. I love pleasing you with extended chastity, but my hormones do begin to rage against the denial.This morning during Worship I was grinding against my huge Worship plug as hard as I could, but was unable to achieve any sort of release. I believe I have enough built up pressure inside that I am ready to try milking myself with my vibrating anal dildo again. I am not sure if you will consider my chastity period extended enough yet, but I think I will be begging you for permission to use it before long.

I also had an incredible struggle getting my chastity sleeve on this morning. My greedy penis kept straining against the sleeve as I slid it on. I am insanely horny this morning and my penis will not stop attempting to get hard. Every chain was another huge struggle and it took quite a while to get all four chains onto my unruly penis. Without the extra tight fifth chain my penis continues to bulge out between the four chains, but is unable to achieve anything near a true erection. I have enjoyed a week without the daily suffering inflicted by my fifth chain, but I think the week is about up, so I am now on my knees asking you to let me know whether I am to return to the extra security enforced by the fifth chain.

In my 43rd day of chastity for your pleasure,
wearing my pink panties today

I could have just resumed wearing the fifth chain without asking, but I was hopeful that Ms Lee might extend my period of freedom from that nasty fifth chain. Her reply was short and clear:

I do like that fifth chain.  Time to put it back on.

I felt like a condemned man when I received her response, but I have to admit that perversely, my penis twitched in desperate frustration as I read it. It has now been three days since I resumed enduring the intense restriction of the fifth chain. Once again my penis is raw and sore at the end of each day of painful chastity, but my only concern is for the pleasure of Ms Lee.

Begging to be plugged

April 1, 2012

During the past six months Ms Lee has granted me three pleasurable orgasms, the last one being about six weeks ago. During this dry spell I have learned to appreciate the teasing pleasure that anal stimulation provides me with. Ms Lee is very generous in allowing me to use my anal dildo every morning so i can milk myself when the pressure becomes too great. Rubbing the dildo against my prostate is nowhere near as pleasurable as masturbating my penis, but I have given up expecting that experience. I know now that Ms Lee only allows it on rare occasions, usually on a whim, just to remind me what it is that I am missing. Of course this reminder of her control over me binds me ever more closely to her will.

While I enjoy my morning sessions with my anal dildo, I find myself yearning for some sort of sexual stimulation during the day. As my current chastity period extends well into the second month my focus centers on my rear, clenching against nothing in a pathetic attempt to excite myself. I realize that I am missing the sensation of my anal plug pressing against my prostate.

It has been a month now since Ms Lee allowed me to be unplugged, after enduring two straight months of being plugged on a daily basis. Being plugged every day was quite difficult and uncomfortable, but I have to admit that at times I greatly enjoyed the sensation of the plug pressing on my prostate. I would certainly not want to return to being plugged daily on a continuous basis, but it would be quite pleasurable to feel my plug fill my greedy rear for a single day or so.

With that thought in mind am on my knees, begging Ms Lee to please consider allowing me to use my anal plug for a short time. I would love to wear it for a day or so, but I desperately hope I would not have to begin another lengthy period of being plugged daily.

Unfettered masturbation

October 21, 2011

After teasing me about being unable to release my chastity chains so I could masturbate, Ms Lee surprised me again:

go have an unfettered erection, an unfettered masturbation, and an unfettered production. Feel free to produce all week, in any way you so choose,  as often as you wish

 me: Really?
yes, really  🙂 it’s my reward to you for staying loyal
I was ecstatic upon hearing this and a few days later I sent Ms Lee this update:
I’ve also been thoroughly enjoying the freedom you granted me to play with myself as I wish for the remainder of the week. I have to admit that I have been wanking like a little school boy as often as possible. I had quite forgotten just how enjoyable it is to stroke my unfettered penis and experience unrestricted erections. I am on my knees right now thanking you for your generosity.

I also have a few other things I think I should admit to. The first is that I have discovered that it is almost a necessity for me to wear panties now in order to get fully sexually excited. In the last few days whenever I’ve tried to play with myself in the nude (like when taking a shower) I’ve found that it takes a while to really get hard and excited. I realized that I was craving the feeling of panties and as soon as I put them on I got rock hard and randy! I know that you are not fond of your boys dressing in women’s clothes, but you have instilled an incredibnly strong panty fetish in me. I have become quite adicted to wearing them and I beleive the reason is that when in chastity and not allowed to touch myself they provide me my only available sexual stimulation. When I am chastised and pantied I get aching hard ons due to the teasing inflicted by my panties, especially when walking and feeling them tug on my restrained penis.

One other admission is that every time I masturbate now I picture myself rimming and worshiping your awesome rear. The thought of rimming you to orgasm while I am chastised and denied drives me crazy! I get so excited that I have a hard time stopping myself from releasing. I also get excited when I think about you taking me with your strap-on, or having me milk myself with my anal plug. As soon as I think about anything else I start to loose my erection. Then as soon as I think about rimming you I get hard all over again. Are you training me to have an anal fixation?

And as I mentioned before, I am holding back on releasing becuase I am afraid that I will loose the sexual high that you have me on. I am so desperate and frustrated that it might take days after my release before I’m back to the point where I would enjoy playing with myself again. By then this week would be over and I would have squandered the opportunity you granted me.

Of course this means that my chastity (though unfettered) continues for now, with no pleasurable release just yet. I can’t beleive that I am stoping myself from releasing right away, but I have no idea when you might grant me an opportunity like this again. I need to savor and enjoy this freedom to touch myself as much as possible while I can. It has been nearly three months since my last pleasurable release and I know I’d better enjoy this while I can, since it might be a while before you allow me to do so again. Of course this means that my teasing and torment continues unabated. Even though I can now touch, I find myself in a position where I am still unable to truly let loose and just release at will. Your control over me is intense and deeply affects how I can react to the opportunity you granted me.

I apologize if I am rambling, but my mind and emotions are in turmoil right now. Once again you have knocked me completly off balance and I am scrambling to keep up. For instance – I have no idea if it is part of your plan, but I am beginning to realize that once you have me back in extended chastity I will be badly teased by the memory of how much I’ve enjoyed playing with myself, I had truly started to forget what I was missing and now you have reminded me.

In my 7th day of chastity for your pleasure, and now 83 days since my last pleasurable release

Another Ruined Orgasm

October 3, 2011

Two weeks after Ms Lee teased me with a ruined orgasm I sent an email explaining my intense level of frustration to her:

One thing I had wanted to discuss with you last night is how incredibly desperate I feel already, even though my current chastity period has only reached two weeks. I find myself constantly straining against my chastity sleeve and always thinking about your control over me. Every morning I have to struggle to get that sleeve on as my deprived penis fights against the chains. Every time my penis strains against the chains it feels like your hands are holding me.

I think my frustration and desperation is peaking so early in this chastity period because I was denied a pleasurable release at the end of my previous period. It is frustrating beyond belief to realize I will soon be approaching three months since my last pleasurable release and I have no idea when I may experience one again. I can feel my penis straining right now as I think about the possibility that my current chastity period may end the same as my last. It will be bad enough if it ends in another ruined orgasm, but if I have to go two months between releases again I can’t imagine how intense my frustration will be.

In my 15th day of chastity for your pleasure

I was even more frustrated when I received her reply:

You’re so funny.  Go ahead and produce.  Make sure it is a ruined orgasm–again.  Then tell me all about it.

I dutifully followed her instructions and then told her about it:

I received your reply early this morning at work, but was too busy with meetings and such to be able to do anything about it at the time. Throughout the day my penis was straining like mad and you were always on my mind. When I got home I then had to deal with family matters and such till late at night. Again my penis strained and again I thought about you and what you wanted me to do.

When I finally was able to find some time alone I thought about the fact that once again I was going to be allowed to release, but denied any pleasure. Once again I was in awe of the control you have over me and your creativity in teasing me. I was also haunted by the memory of that time you instructed me to masturbate at work, but stop before release. Although I did not enjoy a release that time, it was absolute heaven to be allowed to enjoy an unfettered erection and wank in freedom.

This time was very different. As I began to stroke my restrained penis I felt the pain of my chastity chains digging in. My penis desperately wanted to get fully erect, but the chains viciously prevented anything of the sort. I almost cried as I realized that not only would I be denied a pleasurable release, I was also to be denied the pleasure normally enjoyed while playing with myself. Instead I had to endure intense pain as I attempted to get excited enough to do as you instructed.

After quite a while of struggling against the pain I could finally feel the cum in my balls getting ready to release. Unfortunately, not only did my chastity chains prevent me from experiencing any pleasure, they also prevented the cum from easily rising into my penis. It was like there was a plug that was stopping anything from getting through. I had to increase my struggles until it felt like I was finally going to release.

At just that moment I did as I knew you wanted and stopped masturbating. And just like the time a few weeks ago when we chatted, the semen began to dribble out in a pathetic leaking drip. No explosive release, no pleasure, no enjoyment. In fact it almost felt like it was burning as it continued to dribble and leak. It just kept dripping out in a huge quantity and then gradually stopped.

And now I find myself more frustrated than ever. I am thankful that you allowed me to release the pressure in my balls so soon this time, but I miss the pleasure of unfettered erections and release so very much. Previously I thought extended chastity was the most difficult thing to endure, but what I am enduring now is so much more intense. I never thought I could get this desperate!

In chastity for your pleasure