Another Ruined Orgasm

Two weeks after Ms Lee teased me with a ruined orgasm I sent an email explaining my intense level of frustration to her:

One thing I had wanted to discuss with you last night is how incredibly desperate I feel already, even though my current chastity period has only reached two weeks. I find myself constantly straining against my chastity sleeve and always thinking about your control over me. Every morning I have to struggle to get that sleeve on as my deprived penis fights against the chains. Every time my penis strains against the chains it feels like your hands are holding me.

I think my frustration and desperation is peaking so early in this chastity period because I was denied a pleasurable release at the end of my previous period. It is frustrating beyond belief to realize I will soon be approaching three months since my last pleasurable release and I have no idea when I may experience one again. I can feel my penis straining right now as I think about the possibility that my current chastity period may end the same as my last. It will be bad enough if it ends in another ruined orgasm, but if I have to go two months between releases again I can’t imagine how intense my frustration will be.

In my 15th day of chastity for your pleasure

I was even more frustrated when I received her reply:

You’re so funny.  Go ahead and produce.  Make sure it is a ruined orgasm–again.  Then tell me all about it.

I dutifully followed her instructions and then told her about it:

I received your reply early this morning at work, but was too busy with meetings and such to be able to do anything about it at the time. Throughout the day my penis was straining like mad and you were always on my mind. When I got home I then had to deal with family matters and such till late at night. Again my penis strained and again I thought about you and what you wanted me to do.

When I finally was able to find some time alone I thought about the fact that once again I was going to be allowed to release, but denied any pleasure. Once again I was in awe of the control you have over me and your creativity in teasing me. I was also haunted by the memory of that time you instructed me to masturbate at work, but stop before release. Although I did not enjoy a release that time, it was absolute heaven to be allowed to enjoy an unfettered erection and wank in freedom.

This time was very different. As I began to stroke my restrained penis I felt the pain of my chastity chains digging in. My penis desperately wanted to get fully erect, but the chains viciously prevented anything of the sort. I almost cried as I realized that not only would I be denied a pleasurable release, I was also to be denied the pleasure normally enjoyed while playing with myself. Instead I had to endure intense pain as I attempted to get excited enough to do as you instructed.

After quite a while of struggling against the pain I could finally feel the cum in my balls getting ready to release. Unfortunately, not only did my chastity chains prevent me from experiencing any pleasure, they also prevented the cum from easily rising into my penis. It was like there was a plug that was stopping anything from getting through. I had to increase my struggles until it felt like I was finally going to release.

At just that moment I did as I knew you wanted and stopped masturbating. And just like the time a few weeks ago when we chatted, the semen began to dribble out in a pathetic leaking drip. No explosive release, no pleasure, no enjoyment. In fact it almost felt like it was burning as it continued to dribble and leak. It just kept dripping out in a huge quantity and then gradually stopped.

And now I find myself more frustrated than ever. I am thankful that you allowed me to release the pressure in my balls so soon this time, but I miss the pleasure of unfettered erections and release so very much. Previously I thought extended chastity was the most difficult thing to endure, but what I am enduring now is so much more intense. I never thought I could get this desperate!

In chastity for your pleasure

2 Responses to “Another Ruined Orgasm”

  1. remex Says:

    This is where i would fail … i would get angry! i don’t know how you stay so in-control.

  2. Property of Ms Lee Says:

    I am able to control myself and not get angry because I stay focused on Ms Lee’s pleasure and not mine.

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