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Second week of correction ends with a surprise

September 27, 2009

Today marks the end of the second week of my correction and punishment for not paying attention while online. Ms Lee’s correction was to extend my chastity period for three additional weeks, which would have resulted in my setting a new record for the legnth of my chastity. My current record is 36 days.

However, last night Ms Lee provided me with a very pleasant and unexpected surprise. While we were chatting online She graciously allowed me an opportunity to ejaculate. Not surprisingly, She made sure that the event was embarrassing for me. She did so by requiring me to catch my release in a bowl, and then drink it. While a simple thing (and i was not bothered too much by the taste), i was extremely impacted by the depravity of the act.

Sometimes i have to step back and look at myself to understand just how deeply Ms Lee has driven me in submission to Her.  It is hard to believe that i am completely dependent on Her to determine when i am allowed to ejaculate.  i am also not allowed to touch myself in any way that could be deemed sexual in nature. She has complete control over my sexual function and i would have it no other way.

One week of Correction

September 20, 2009

i have now completed my first week of correction for having failed to pay attention while online.  Ms Lee quite correctly applied a very firm punishment for this transgression and I won’t soon forget this lesson.

Ms Lee does not punish me very often, but when She does it is very effective. Her punishments might seem very severe, but they are designed to teach me a firm lesson and help me avoid future mistakes. There is also no question that i earned my punishment and i do not feel that the level of severity is unfair. In fact, i am grateful to Ms Lee for being so wise in Her corrections.

i have now gone nearly a month without an ejaculation and i am quite desperate for release. The pressure in my balls is very strong and is making me crazy with frustration. Unfortunately, my correction period will continue for two more weeks, by which time i will have set a new record for length of time in chastity.

Although i know that i will find it incredibly difficult to endure such a long time in chastity there is one consolation for me. my hope is that Ms Lee will be pleased both by my obedience and my suffering. i am not sure which she will enjoy more, but they do seem to go hand in hand.

In a perverse way i am also looking forward to setting a new record for Ms Lee. Hopefully She will see this as a gift to Her and take mercy on me once my correction period is completed.

However, i know that i can have no expectations regarding what will happen once my correction is completed. It does not mean that Ms Lee will automatically grant me permission to cum. It just means that i will have paid for my transgression, no more than that.

i have clearly stated that i desire to remain in chastity for Ms Lee until such time as it pleases Her more to allow to me to cum than it does for Her to keep me in chastity. It is up to Her and Her whim as to when this will occur and i can only faithfully serve Her in the meantime.

My most severe punishment yet

September 13, 2009

i have just earned myself my most severe punishment yet from Ms Lee. But what is even worse is that i badly disappointed and displeased my wonderful Goddess. No punishment is as bad as realizing that i failed to provide Ms Lee with the perfect service She deserves.

i actually failed Ms Lee twice, but the first time She generously forgave me for the oversight. my first failure occurred while i was composing an email to Ms Lee.  i was on a separate tab and i failed to notice that She had sent me a chat message. i belatedly responded and She reprimanded me for not paying attention.

i apologized for my infraction, but unfortunately i soon repeated my mistake, with horrifying consequences. i had gone back to my email, but was then called away from my computer. In my rush i failed to sign off from chat and i didn’t have a chance to get back to my computer for a while.

When i got back to my computer i saw to my dismay that Ms Lee had again sent me a chat message. i had not been there to answer and She sent another, then another until She tired of my failure to respond. She then informed me that i would be corrected and punished for my failure.

my punishment is for my chastity to be extended for three more weeks. It has been 20 days since i was last given permission to cum, so my chastity period will reach 40 days before my punishment ends. This will be a new record for me.

i don’t know how i will be able to endure such a lengthy period in chastity, but Ms Lee excels at pushing my limits. The best thing i can do is to focus on my error and make amends to Ms Lee. Hopefully this will help me endure the next three weeks.

Fantasizing about my Goddess with a Real man

September 6, 2009

Recently Ms Lee informed me that She would be spending a day with Her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is not a submissive like me, he is a real man, free to enjoy sexual pleasures and everything else that a real man is entitled to.

As soon as Me Lee mentioned this to me i could feel my cock begin to harden, betraying my true feelings on this topic. If i were a real man i would be jealous that Ms Lee was going out with another man. But i am not a real man and the reaction of my cock demonstrated that truth. The thought of Ms Lee with a real man excites me and i can’t stop fantasizing about it.

i can picture Ms Lee enjoying Herself with Her boyfriend, freely giving him what i will never have. Thinking about this both frustrates and excites me. What really blows my mind is the realization that She is requiring me to remain chaste for Her while Her boyfriend is free to enjoy himself as a real man.

Every time i think about Ms Lee with Her boyfriend my cock begins to harden, but Her ring cruelly prevents a full erection. This really drives me crazy because thinking about the pleasures Ms Lee will allow Her boyfriend causes my cock to be in pain.

Although it results in even more severe pain for my pitiful cock, i can’t stop thinking about how incredibly humiliating it would be to be required to provide oral service for Ms Lee after She enjoyed sex with Her boyfriend. i would be determined to please Her, but as Her well trained boy i know that this would not earn me the release i so desperately crave. i cannot ‘earn’ my release, i am only allowed to ejaculate when Ms Lee decides it would please or amuse Her to grant me that privilege.  The best i could hope for would be to bring Her to another orgasm and to excite her boyfriend enough to take Her again as only a real man can.