My most severe punishment yet

i have just earned myself my most severe punishment yet from Ms Lee. But what is even worse is that i badly disappointed and displeased my wonderful Goddess. No punishment is as bad as realizing that i failed to provide Ms Lee with the perfect service She deserves.

i actually failed Ms Lee twice, but the first time She generously forgave me for the oversight. my first failure occurred while i was composing an email to Ms Lee.  i was on a separate tab and i failed to notice that She had sent me a chat message. i belatedly responded and She reprimanded me for not paying attention.

i apologized for my infraction, but unfortunately i soon repeated my mistake, with horrifying consequences. i had gone back to my email, but was then called away from my computer. In my rush i failed to sign off from chat and i didn’t have a chance to get back to my computer for a while.

When i got back to my computer i saw to my dismay that Ms Lee had again sent me a chat message. i had not been there to answer and She sent another, then another until She tired of my failure to respond. She then informed me that i would be corrected and punished for my failure.

my punishment is for my chastity to be extended for three more weeks. It has been 20 days since i was last given permission to cum, so my chastity period will reach 40 days before my punishment ends. This will be a new record for me.

i don’t know how i will be able to endure such a lengthy period in chastity, but Ms Lee excels at pushing my limits. The best thing i can do is to focus on my error and make amends to Ms Lee. Hopefully this will help me endure the next three weeks.

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