One week of Correction

i have now completed my first week of correction for having failed to pay attention while online.  Ms Lee quite correctly applied a very firm punishment for this transgression and I won’t soon forget this lesson.

Ms Lee does not punish me very often, but when She does it is very effective. Her punishments might seem very severe, but they are designed to teach me a firm lesson and help me avoid future mistakes. There is also no question that i earned my punishment and i do not feel that the level of severity is unfair. In fact, i am grateful to Ms Lee for being so wise in Her corrections.

i have now gone nearly a month without an ejaculation and i am quite desperate for release. The pressure in my balls is very strong and is making me crazy with frustration. Unfortunately, my correction period will continue for two more weeks, by which time i will have set a new record for length of time in chastity.

Although i know that i will find it incredibly difficult to endure such a long time in chastity there is one consolation for me. my hope is that Ms Lee will be pleased both by my obedience and my suffering. i am not sure which she will enjoy more, but they do seem to go hand in hand.

In a perverse way i am also looking forward to setting a new record for Ms Lee. Hopefully She will see this as a gift to Her and take mercy on me once my correction period is completed.

However, i know that i can have no expectations regarding what will happen once my correction is completed. It does not mean that Ms Lee will automatically grant me permission to cum. It just means that i will have paid for my transgression, no more than that.

i have clearly stated that i desire to remain in chastity for Ms Lee until such time as it pleases Her more to allow to me to cum than it does for Her to keep me in chastity. It is up to Her and Her whim as to when this will occur and i can only faithfully serve Her in the meantime.

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