Fantasizing about my Goddess with a Real man

Recently Ms Lee informed me that She would be spending a day with Her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is not a submissive like me, he is a real man, free to enjoy sexual pleasures and everything else that a real man is entitled to.

As soon as Me Lee mentioned this to me i could feel my cock begin to harden, betraying my true feelings on this topic. If i were a real man i would be jealous that Ms Lee was going out with another man. But i am not a real man and the reaction of my cock demonstrated that truth. The thought of Ms Lee with a real man excites me and i can’t stop fantasizing about it.

i can picture Ms Lee enjoying Herself with Her boyfriend, freely giving him what i will never have. Thinking about this both frustrates and excites me. What really blows my mind is the realization that She is requiring me to remain chaste for Her while Her boyfriend is free to enjoy himself as a real man.

Every time i think about Ms Lee with Her boyfriend my cock begins to harden, but Her ring cruelly prevents a full erection. This really drives me crazy because thinking about the pleasures Ms Lee will allow Her boyfriend causes my cock to be in pain.

Although it results in even more severe pain for my pitiful cock, i can’t stop thinking about how incredibly humiliating it would be to be required to provide oral service for Ms Lee after She enjoyed sex with Her boyfriend. i would be determined to please Her, but as Her well trained boy i know that this would not earn me the release i so desperately crave. i cannot ‘earn’ my release, i am only allowed to ejaculate when Ms Lee decides it would please or amuse Her to grant me that privilege.  The best i could hope for would be to bring Her to another orgasm and to excite her boyfriend enough to take Her again as only a real man can.

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