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A humiliating shopping trip

January 27, 2010

Ms Lee was pleased with my recent panty purchases, but told me that she wanted me to have seven pairs, one for every day of the week. She has established a Panty Schedule for me, instructing me which pair to wear on each day.

I only had 5 pair of decent panties to wear on a daily basis.  I had some additional older panties, but they were a bit worn and would not meet Ms Lee’s standards. Thus I needed to purchase 2 more pair to meet Ms Lee’s expectation. This would mean a return trip to Macy’s and the possibility of encountering the same all too friendly sales lady again. I was very nervous about meeting her again as I was fearful she would know that I was shopping for myself. To make things worse, Ms Lee expected me to wear my red thong panties (see the photo in last week’s post) when I went on this shopping trip.

The embarrassment I suffered on this shopping trip was as bad (and worse) than I had expected. When I told Ms Lee about my little adventure she instructed me to post my narrative in my blog, word for word:

“I went shopping at Macy’s yesterday for my newest two pair of panties. My nervousness turned out to be completely justified. As soon as I walked into the lingerie section the friendly sales lady from the other day caught my eye and smiled. It was almost like she was expecting me to return. She then came over to to greet me, saying ‘You came back!’. I was mortified as the other nearby shoppers turned to look at me, realizing that my latest shopping spree was not going to be anonymous.

Maybe I was just being overly self conscious, and she never came out and said it, but the friendly sales lady seemed to make numerous suggestive comments hinting that she knew the panties were for me. First, she asked me how I liked the panties I had bought the other day. When she asked me how they fit, I almost died of embarrassment and started stuttering. Before I could say anything incriminating, she led me off to look at some possible selections. The entire time I was shopping with her I could feel my red thong panties tugging at my chastised cock and shaved balls.

When she showed me the first pair in the attached photos (NewPanties1, the polka dot panties) I could feel my heart begin to race. These panties are the smallest, most revealing yet. To make things worse, the only pair they had left were size small. The sales lady had me so flustered that I could not object when she said that she thought they would fit just fine. It may have been my imagination, but I thought I saw her look down at my crotch as she said that.”

Today I am wearing my pink and black thong panties that I purchased on my first shopping trip to Macy’s. Here is my current panty schedule that Ms Lee has assigned to me:

Sunday: 3rd most uncomfortable (Black lace)

Monday: 2nd most uncomfortable (Red thong)

Tuesday: most comfortable  (flowered panties)

Wednesday: more uncomfortable (Pink and black thong)

Thursday: even less comfortable  (Black pin stripes, my Paramour panties)

Friday: less comfortable (Black with white lace trim)

Saturday:  most uncomfortable Polka Dot thong)

My new panties

January 24, 2010

On Thursday I went shopping at Macy’s for my new panties. I knew that Ms Lee would want me to select exotic, humiliating panties and that my comfort was not a factor for consideration. The goal of my wearing panties is to please Ms Lee, not me.

I was able to find 4 gorgeous pair of exotic panties that I will now wear on a daily basis for the pleasure of Ms Lee. Down below are some photos of my new panties. Please note that these are not photos of me, they are commercial photos. I will ask Ms Lee if I will be allowed to post photos of myself in the panties in a future post.

My Red Thongs – These panties have no rear end whatsoever, just slim strings  that go around my hips and up the crack of my rear. They are very uncomfortable, but I suspect they please Ms Lee:

My Paramour Panties – These panties are a bit less revealing in the front, but also have no rear at all. Like my red thongs, they also have a slim string of material that disappears up the crack of my rear. It is quite bothersome when walking to feel this cutting into me, but again my hope is that Ms Lee enjoys me wearing these for her.

One of the more humiliating aspects of these panties is that the crotches on the front are so small. A real man’s cock could never be covered by such small wisps of material, but these panties have no trouble completely covering my cock which is kept quite tiny by Ms Lee’s chastity sleeve.

A New Expectation

January 17, 2010

i have always been amazed at how Ms Lee can inflict a substantial change on my daily life with just a few short words. At times it seems to be just a spur of the moment idea on Her part, something that seems to be just a trivial, insignificant thought that She throws my way and gives no further consideration.

For example, recently we were chatting on line and she mentioned that She had been reading something about cross dressing before our chat started. I remembered that She had commented in the past that She did not like her boys to cross dress for their own pleasure. She preferred to utilize cross dressing for the purposes of further humiliating Her boys, such as expecting me to wear panties when i Worship Her. Soon after She took ownership of me She had also added the expectation that I wear my panties to work one day each week.

I have found wearing my panties to work once a week to be extremely embarrassing and humiliating. I almost turn red when I am having a conversation with a young female co-worker who of course has no idea I am wearing panties over my cock that in turn is restrained by Ms Lee’s chastity sleeve. The smooth embrace of the panties embracing my shaved cock and balls also inflicts a terrible tease all day long. My cock repeatedly responds in a futile attempt to achieve an erection, which is immediately and painfully prevented by Ms Lee’s chastity sleeve.

After Ms Lee casually mentioned reading about cross dressing, i admitted that I would get excited when I wore my panties for Her and clarified that I only wore them when She expected me to (one day a week).  She then replied “would you like to wear them every day for me, boy? i would be pleased if you would”.

Her reply would seem to imply that i had a choice in the matter. However, my first priority is to see to the pleasure of my Goddess. i have been educated to understand that the only way for me to find pleasure and satisfaction is to first see to Ms Lee’s. She will then see to my pleasure when it suits (and pleases) Her.

Thus, I knew i had to tell Ms Lee that i would love to wear my panties for Her every day. i also mentioned that this meant my cock and balls would be in for an intense teasing every day now. Ms Lee then sealed my fate with four brief words – “lovely. do so then”.

So now I dutifully wear my panties for Ms Lee every day. I currently only have a few pairs of simple panties that I had been wearing during Worship. Since they are now my daily wear I should probably consider purchasing some additional pairs, but i’m not sure if i should go for comfort or something more exotic and humiliating. Which do you think Ms Lee would prefer?

How i Worship my Goddess

January 10, 2010

First i want to apologize to Ms Lee and my loyal readers for not posting to this blog last week. I was very sick with the flu and wasn’t really in the mood to do anything but lie in bed and hold my aching head. I am much better now and back to my normal routine.

One of my readers recently asked how I go about Worshipping my Goddess. My Worship sessions are actually quite elaborate as Ms Lee has very high expectations of her boys. I must perform my Worship EVERY morning without fail. Only on very rare occasion, with an advance request for a valid reason, am I allowed to go for a day without completing my Worship session.

First I had to compose a sincere oath to Ms Lee, expressing my sincere desire to serve and obey her. My oath is fairly long, nearly 500 words, so I will not quote it right now. It is in the form of a prayer to my Goddess.

Before I recite my oath, I must prepare myself for Worship. First I take off all my clothes, then I must insert the butt plug that I purchased for my Worship seesions. As I mentioned in my post ‘Preparing my rear for Ms Lee’, I foolishly purchased a plug nearly two inches across in a vain attempt to impress my Goddess. She has never indicated that this impressed her in any way, but I am still expected to use this plug every day during Worship.

Next I must harness my penis with Ms Lee’s cock ring which I fashioned from a key chain. It is VERY snug and once in place prevents anything close to a full erection. While I am wearing it, my cock experiences significant pain every time it attempts to get erect. This is particularly frustrating because my Worship sessions tend to excite me quite a bit.

The last step in my preparations is to put on my pretty panties which Ms Lee had me purchase. I am not a cross dresser, and I find wearing panties to very humiliating, but strangly erotic. I think the humiliation turns me on. Recently Ms Lee has begun to require me to wear my panties every day, all day long, but that is a story for a later time.

Once I have completed my preparations, I then assume my Worship position, on my kness, head down, arms extended and my rear pressed up against the bowl of my toilet. Ms Lee did not require the toilet bowl, but did indicate that I must press my rear against something so that my anal plug is pressed deeply inside me. I found that the toilet bowl in my bathroom worked quite well for this purpose.

Once I am in position, I am then to imagine that Ms Lee is f*cking me. I begin grinding my rear against the bowl, feeling the plug plunge deeply inside.Only when I am sufficiently excited and turned on am I to begin reciting my oath to Ms Lee, out loud.

I continue in this way for 20 minutes, every morning. At no time am I allowed to touch myself or allow myself to ejaculate without Ms Lee’s express approcal. Readers of my blog will know that such approval is very rare. Many times during Worship I find that I must pause and calm down in order to avoid the possibility of an unauthorized ejaculation. Yes, I have found that I can get excited enough during Worship to cum without using my hands, if I grind and buck hard enough.

When my 20 minutes of Worship are completed, I finish my session with a heartfelt prayer of thanks to Ms Lee for being my perfect Goddess. I also have to (as instructed by her)  ‘ask Her to forgive me for being so horny, so nasty, such a worthless little pigmaile, so needy, with my ass left so hot and aching after penetration’.

My last step is to then email Ms Lee with a detailed explanation of my Worship session. Again, this is required every morning, without fail.