My new panties

On Thursday I went shopping at Macy’s for my new panties. I knew that Ms Lee would want me to select exotic, humiliating panties and that my comfort was not a factor for consideration. The goal of my wearing panties is to please Ms Lee, not me.

I was able to find 4 gorgeous pair of exotic panties that I will now wear on a daily basis for the pleasure of Ms Lee. Down below are some photos of my new panties. Please note that these are not photos of me, they are commercial photos. I will ask Ms Lee if I will be allowed to post photos of myself in the panties in a future post.

My Red Thongs – These panties have no rear end whatsoever, just slim strings  that go around my hips and up the crack of my rear. They are very uncomfortable, but I suspect they please Ms Lee:

My Paramour Panties – These panties are a bit less revealing in the front, but also have no rear at all. Like my red thongs, they also have a slim string of material that disappears up the crack of my rear. It is quite bothersome when walking to feel this cutting into me, but again my hope is that Ms Lee enjoys me wearing these for her.

One of the more humiliating aspects of these panties is that the crotches on the front are so small. A real man’s cock could never be covered by such small wisps of material, but these panties have no trouble completely covering my cock which is kept quite tiny by Ms Lee’s chastity sleeve.

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