A New Expectation

i have always been amazed at how Ms Lee can inflict a substantial change on my daily life with just a few short words. At times it seems to be just a spur of the moment idea on Her part, something that seems to be just a trivial, insignificant thought that She throws my way and gives no further consideration.

For example, recently we were chatting on line and she mentioned that She had been reading something about cross dressing before our chat started. I remembered that She had commented in the past that She did not like her boys to cross dress for their own pleasure. She preferred to utilize cross dressing for the purposes of further humiliating Her boys, such as expecting me to wear panties when i Worship Her. Soon after She took ownership of me She had also added the expectation that I wear my panties to work one day each week.

I have found wearing my panties to work once a week to be extremely embarrassing and humiliating. I almost turn red when I am having a conversation with a young female co-worker who of course has no idea I am wearing panties over my cock that in turn is restrained by Ms Lee’s chastity sleeve. The smooth embrace of the panties embracing my shaved cock and balls also inflicts a terrible tease all day long. My cock repeatedly responds in a futile attempt to achieve an erection, which is immediately and painfully prevented by Ms Lee’s chastity sleeve.

After Ms Lee casually mentioned reading about cross dressing, i admitted that I would get excited when I wore my panties for Her and clarified that I only wore them when She expected me to (one day a week).  She then replied “would you like to wear them every day for me, boy? i would be pleased if you would”.

Her reply would seem to imply that i had a choice in the matter. However, my first priority is to see to the pleasure of my Goddess. i have been educated to understand that the only way for me to find pleasure and satisfaction is to first see to Ms Lee’s. She will then see to my pleasure when it suits (and pleases) Her.

Thus, I knew i had to tell Ms Lee that i would love to wear my panties for Her every day. i also mentioned that this meant my cock and balls would be in for an intense teasing every day now. Ms Lee then sealed my fate with four brief words – “lovely. do so then”.

So now I dutifully wear my panties for Ms Lee every day. I currently only have a few pairs of simple panties that I had been wearing during Worship. Since they are now my daily wear I should probably consider purchasing some additional pairs, but i’m not sure if i should go for comfort or something more exotic and humiliating. Which do you think Ms Lee would prefer?

One Response to “A New Expectation”

  1. experiment Says:

    I suspect you already know the answer as to which she would like. Your comfort does not seem to be her goal. Humiliating and exotic seem a better choice to me. Wear them with pride and pleasure.

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