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Proper Tea Service Layout

March 20, 2016

As part of my continuing education program I have continued my studies of proper tea service. One of the most important aspects of tea service is the proper tea service layout. The proper layout for tea service depends on the type of tea party being served (afternoon, high, low, etc.), the number of people attending and the level of formality. If the tea party just involved a few friends getting together informally the layout would be equally informal. But the tea parties I will be serving will mostly be very formal and I will be expected to observe the highest possible level of standards and protocol. For purposes of this discussion I will assume that we are dealing with a formal afternoon tea party being attended by about a half dozen women. Remember that a high tea party is one that includes dinner being served while an afternoon tea party is focused on the tea service but does include food items such as tasty pastries and dainty sandwiches.

Even the proper type of table being used for the tea party varies depending on the type of party and formality, but I think a round table would be most appropriate for an afternoon tea party with half a dozen guests. It would make it easier for them to interact with each other and enable me to serve them quickly and unobtrusively, being able to quickly move around the table as I wait on everyone. I suspect that I would be very busy scrambling to observe all the formalities and making sure that I provided every one of Ms Lee’s friends with flawless service that she could be proud of. I would want her friends to know that I was a highly trained servant dedicated to her in every way.

I have included a diagram of a formal tea service layout for an afternoon tea. Again, things vary depending on circumstances, but the diagram provides an idea of the general layout and describes the pieces. A plate for food items is placed in the center of the individual settings with the tea cup and saucer to the right. The napkin is placed to the left and the silverware is arranged according to strict rules of etiquette as shown in the diagram. A water glass will be placed on the right behind the tea cup and a dessert plate goes on the left behind the napkin setting. I have also included a photo of a properly laid out tea service so it can be seen just how ornate and attractive a well executed tea service can be.

In addition to the individual place settings, there is a formal tea service tray as well as platters for food, etc that will be placed about the table. There are formalities for how this is done depending on the shape of the table, but for round tables these items are best placed in the center. The tea service tray will have placed on it the tea pot, a pitcher for hot water, a sugar bowl, a creamer for milk and a plate for lemon slices.

There is also a whole world of formalities and etiquette regarding the preparation of the tea itself and all the related items. I will save that for a separate discussion in order to give it the proper focus. I still have a lot yet to learn regarding all this, it is mind boggling just how complex and detailed proper tea service can be. I am determined to become a well practiced expert at serving tea parties because I know how important this is to Ms Lee.

A Recurring Fantasy

March 1, 2016

I am currently beginning my third month in chastity for the pleasure of Ms Lee. My record is over three months so it is quite possible that my chastity will continue for a considerable time yet. I have never mentioned this to Ms Lee, but when I reach these extended times in chastity I begin to dwell on a recurring fantasy that I believe is related to the frustration I am experiencing due to knowing that Ms Lee could very well keep me in chastity for a lengthy and unknown period of time.

This fantasy found its origins in my curiosity about just how long Ms Lee might eventually expect me to remain in chastity for her. When we first began experimenting with me being in chastity the periods were rather short, just a few weeks or so. Over time the length of my chastity periods grew steadily, eventually exceeding an entire month. At that point I has thought she had achieved her objective and would be satisfied with me enduring an entire lunar cycle (or a woman’s cycle?) before I was allowed to enjoy a pigmale’s release.

Of course I was wrong. Ms Lee continued to up the ante and soon had me reach the impressive milestone of 40 days in chastity. However, while I was impressed with 40 days of chastity Ms Lee did not seem to be impressed in the least. She continued to increase the length of my chastity periods until I reached the unbelievable goal of 2 entire months in chastity for her pleasure. Even that did not seem to satisfy her and next I reached an entire quarter of a year, three months of unrelenting chastity! Once again this did not seem to quench Ms Lee’s thirst for seeing me endure strict and frustrating chastity sessions of ever longer periods and she continues to push me to endure longer and more challenging periods of chastity for her pleasure.

As my periods of chastity grew longer Ms Lee began having me attempt to achieve a release by anal stimulation alone. I have experimented quite a bit with anal play as I attempted to meet her expectation that I achieve a release without the use of my pigmale penis. At times I have come close, but I have not yet accomplished this for her. I know it will happen one day, particularly as I become so mindlessly desperate for release after months in chastity.

As I contemplated the likely reality that one day I will be capable of releasing without the use of my penis I began to wonder what Ms Lee’s intentions would be at that point. Would she see any point in ever allowing me a release with penile stimulation again? I suspected that she would occasionally allow this just so she could keep me off balance, never knowing when I might be allowed to play with her property. I also suspected that those opportunities would become more and more rare, as I know it would please her much more to have me only experience ‘hands off’ releases as a result of anal stimulation.

But what if she decided to cut me off permanently from penile stimulation? With the plethora of chastity devices available I have no doubt that one could be found that could be worn indefinitely. I have heard of some chastity devices that are attached via piercings in the penis and I have read stories where these piercings have been made permanent. Would Ms Lee ever subject me to such a fate? I’m not sure, but I have to admit that when my chastity periods begin to be counted in months I find myself fantasizing about this possibility.

I was hesitant to post this because I know that Ms Lee does not pander to my fantasies. I always have to remember that our unique relationship is based solely on her pleasure and my sacrifices towards that end. However, she has also made it clear that I should always let her know what I am thinking about and feeling so I thought it was important to express my thoughts about this. I doubt that she will reveal her eventual plans for me and I suppose that only time will tell. In the meantime I need to cease obsessing about this possibility and stay focused on what is important, the pleasure of Ms Lee.