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A brief chastity period

August 30, 2009

Recently Ms Lee surprised me by granting me permission to cum after only 18 days in chastity! i say ‘only 18 days’ because as Ms Lee’s property i have been trained to expect lengthy chastity periods. my current record is 36 days. i am fairly certain that 18 days is the shortest chastity period i have had as Ms Lee’s property, but i will need to confirm that.

She graciously granted me this permission in celebration of a happy ending to a difficult personal event i had been suffering through. i was completely surprised by this and greatly appreciated Her gift to me. i had been experiencing significant amounts of stress and a being allowed to ejaculate was a tremendous relief. i can’t begin to express the gratitude i felt to Ms Lee for being so thoughtful and generous.

It has now been 6 days since Ms Lee surprised me with Her generous gift. i have no idea how long my current chastity period will last. i have learned that it is useless to try to outguess Ms Lee. She always takes me by surprise and keeps me off balance, scrambling to keep up with Her. She may give me permission tomorrow (very unlikely), next week or a month from now. It could be even longer than that. i don’t know how i could possibly endure such a severely long chastity period as that,  but it will not be my decision.

What i am certain of is that i will learn something from my current chastity period. After being surprised by the brevity of my previous chastity period i learned just how thoughtful and generous Ms Lee is. i am very fortunate to be owned by such a wonderful Goddess. Previous chastity periods taught me many other things. For instance, i need to focus on pleasing Ms Lee, not myself. i will get no pleasure if Ms Lee is not pleased first.

Modified Expectations

August 24, 2009

Before i became the Property of Ms Lee i naturally expected that i could masturbate and cum at will. As i took advantage of this freedom i gradually became a compulsive masturbator and lost all self control. i masturbated almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day, and felt no need to change my ways.

Ms Lee has firmly reset my expectations and replaced them with Hers. i will not repeat all Her Expectations and Rules right now, but the most significant Rule is that i am not to cum without Her permission. This was not one of Her original expectations for me, it was one of Her Rules that i was placed under when i formally became Her Property.

This is covered under General Rule number 9:

9. Always ask for permission to cum. No exceptions. If you feel you must cum during a worship session, you are to ask Me for permission first. If you are with your wife and feel you must cum, you are to ask her for permission first. On the occasions when you are allowed to cum, even if you are with your wife, you are to think of Me.

There are 16 other general rules that i must always abide by as well as 6 daily/weekly rules. i am also bound to Ms Lee under a formal Contract of Submission which contains additional requirements for me. In addition to all this i was provided a full set of Expectations and Worship guidelines which Ms Lee expects me to faithfully follow.

As you can see, Ms Lee keeps me on a very short leash and has extensive and strict requirements for me. To my dismay, i have discovered that failure to follow one of Ms Lee’s Rules or Expectations is dealt with very harshly. i made the severe error of failing to follow Her Rule that i must wear my panties to work once per week and i was horrified at the punishment She inflicted on me.

As i indicated earlier, my expectations have now been firmly reset by Ms Lee. If you read the other posts within my blog you will see that Ms Lee rarely grants me permission to cum. my record is a full 36 days without release!

Now my daily expectation is that i will not be ejaculating that day. Ms Lee is a very strict Goddess and i have learned that Her generosity is infrequent and will always take me completely by surprise. It does me no good to try to outguess Her and i am now trained to patiently wait for Her gifts to me and faithfully Worship her daily.

Beginning a new chastity period

August 15, 2009

i am now beginning a new chastity period as expected by my Goddess, Ms Lee. Nine days ago She granted me permission to ejaculate after a record setting (for me) 36 days in chastity. i was given an entire day to cum as many times as possible and i managed to do so 4 times. Sadly, by the fourth time i was no longer enjoying my brief period of freedom and found it difficult to cum. However, Ms Lee had instructed me to cum as often as possible, so i didn’t stop trying until the day was over.

i have no idea how long this chastity period will be, but there is no sense in worrying about it. Ms Lee will decide when i may cum again and in the meantime my only concern is that She be pleased with me. No amount of pleading on my part is likely to sway my Goddess. i am sure my only path to permission to cum again is to consistently please my Goddess and wait until She decides to have mercy on me.

i can’t believe how horny and frustrated i am after only nine days in chastity.  i don’t know if Ms Lee will require me to set a new record or will surprise me with a shortened chastity period this time. my biggest concern is that She may not even be worried about how long i will go without release. my pigmale need is probably an insignificant issue in Her mind, to be put aside and ignored until such time as She may get around to it.

Permission Granted!

August 8, 2009

my Goddess fianally granted me permission to cum after 36 days in chastity. i was overcome with joy when She told me that not only was i going to be allowed to cum, but that She was even going to let me use my hands! i haven’t been allowed to touch myself in a sexual manner since i first became Her property over 4 months ago so this is a very rare treat indeed.

Of course there was a catch, which sounded good at first, but i soon learned the truth. Ms Lee told me that not only was i to cum during my next morning Worship session, but that i was to continue to masturbate as often as possible for the rest of the day. To a boy that had been in chastity for over a month this sounded heavenly.

i thoroughly enjoyed my extremely delayed release during my Worship session. i had completely forgotten how awesome it felt to be able to masturbate with my own hand. i quickly realized that i had to slow down, or i would cum almost right away and miss out on any real enjoyment. Thus i spent a good portion of my Worship period in a teasing cycle of wanking till i almost came, then pausing until i calmed down enough to start over again. Finally i could take the teasing no more and i came like a fire hose. i tried to catch it all in my hand, but i couldn’t hold a month’s worth of cum and it spilled all over.

It was a few hours before i could get hard enough to masturbate again and i began to understand the devious twist to Ms Lee’s gift to me. It was hard to ejaculate again so soon and wasn’t really enjoyable anymore. my pigmale desire was satiated and i couldn’t get really hard. When i did finally ejaculate the amount of cum was greatly reduced.

i knew that Ms Lee would be disappointed with me if i didn’t try to cum as often as possible so i tried again after dinner. This time i didn’t enjoy it at all and it was difficult to get hard enough. When i finally came for the third time of the day my production was quite small.

i made my final attempt right before going to sleep. my poor cock was getting sore from all the wanking and could no longer get fully hard. It took quite a while to cum, but i kept going because i didn’t want to disappoint my Goddess. When i came for the fourth and last time there was barely a dribble. i was completely drained!

A new chastity record

August 4, 2009

Ms Lee has still not given me permission to cum. i have now gone more than 33 days since my last ejaculation, which is a new record for me. my last ejaculation came at the end of my previous record setting chastity period of 33 days.

As a result of my extended chastity periods, i have only enjoyed one ejaculation this entire summer. i should correct myself because ‘enjoyed’ is a major exageration. One of Ms Lee’s most significant restrictions on me is Her No Touching rule. i am never allowed to touch myself in a manner that could be considered sexual in nature. This means that when Ms Lee does grant me permission to cum i must do so without touching myself.

Believe me, after a month of chastity it is possible to cum without touching myself. Although i am able to ejacualte in this manner, it is very disappointing because my cum just dribbles out without the explosive relief that comes with real masturbation using my hands (i haven’t been allowed that pleasure since becomming Ms Lee’s property 4 months ago).