Permission Granted!

my Goddess fianally granted me permission to cum after 36 days in chastity. i was overcome with joy when She told me that not only was i going to be allowed to cum, but that She was even going to let me use my hands! i haven’t been allowed to touch myself in a sexual manner since i first became Her property over 4 months ago so this is a very rare treat indeed.

Of course there was a catch, which sounded good at first, but i soon learned the truth. Ms Lee told me that not only was i to cum during my next morning Worship session, but that i was to continue to masturbate as often as possible for the rest of the day. To a boy that had been in chastity for over a month this sounded heavenly.

i thoroughly enjoyed my extremely delayed release during my Worship session. i had completely forgotten how awesome it felt to be able to masturbate with my own hand. i quickly realized that i had to slow down, or i would cum almost right away and miss out on any real enjoyment. Thus i spent a good portion of my Worship period in a teasing cycle of wanking till i almost came, then pausing until i calmed down enough to start over again. Finally i could take the teasing no more and i came like a fire hose. i tried to catch it all in my hand, but i couldn’t hold a month’s worth of cum and it spilled all over.

It was a few hours before i could get hard enough to masturbate again and i began to understand the devious twist to Ms Lee’s gift to me. It was hard to ejaculate again so soon and wasn’t really enjoyable anymore. my pigmale desire was satiated and i couldn’t get really hard. When i did finally ejaculate the amount of cum was greatly reduced.

i knew that Ms Lee would be disappointed with me if i didn’t try to cum as often as possible so i tried again after dinner. This time i didn’t enjoy it at all and it was difficult to get hard enough. When i finally came for the third time of the day my production was quite small.

i made my final attempt right before going to sleep. my poor cock was getting sore from all the wanking and could no longer get fully hard. It took quite a while to cum, but i kept going because i didn’t want to disappoint my Goddess. When i came for the fourth and last time there was barely a dribble. i was completely drained!

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