Beginning a new chastity period

i am now beginning a new chastity period as expected by my Goddess, Ms Lee. Nine days ago She granted me permission to ejaculate after a record setting (for me) 36 days in chastity. i was given an entire day to cum as many times as possible and i managed to do so 4 times. Sadly, by the fourth time i was no longer enjoying my brief period of freedom and found it difficult to cum. However, Ms Lee had instructed me to cum as often as possible, so i didn’t stop trying until the day was over.

i have no idea how long this chastity period will be, but there is no sense in worrying about it. Ms Lee will decide when i may cum again and in the meantime my only concern is that She be pleased with me. No amount of pleading on my part is likely to sway my Goddess. i am sure my only path to permission to cum again is to consistently please my Goddess and wait until She decides to have mercy on me.

i can’t believe how horny and frustrated i am after only nine days in chastity.  i don’t know if Ms Lee will require me to set a new record or will surprise me with a shortened chastity period this time. my biggest concern is that She may not even be worried about how long i will go without release. my pigmale need is probably an insignificant issue in Her mind, to be put aside and ignored until such time as She may get around to it.

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