A new chastity record

Ms Lee has still not given me permission to cum. i have now gone more than 33 days since my last ejaculation, which is a new record for me. my last ejaculation came at the end of my previous record setting chastity period of 33 days.

As a result of my extended chastity periods, i have only enjoyed one ejaculation this entire summer. i should correct myself because ‘enjoyed’ is a major exageration. One of Ms Lee’s most significant restrictions on me is Her No Touching rule. i am never allowed to touch myself in a manner that could be considered sexual in nature. This means that when Ms Lee does grant me permission to cum i must do so without touching myself.

Believe me, after a month of chastity it is possible to cum without touching myself. Although i am able to ejacualte in this manner, it is very disappointing because my cum just dribbles out without the explosive relief that comes with real masturbation using my hands (i haven’t been allowed that pleasure since becomming Ms Lee’s property 4 months ago).

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