A brief chastity period

Recently Ms Lee surprised me by granting me permission to cum after only 18 days in chastity! i say ‘only 18 days’ because as Ms Lee’s property i have been trained to expect lengthy chastity periods. my current record is 36 days. i am fairly certain that 18 days is the shortest chastity period i have had as Ms Lee’s property, but i will need to confirm that.

She graciously granted me this permission in celebration of a happy ending to a difficult personal event i had been suffering through. i was completely surprised by this and greatly appreciated Her gift to me. i had been experiencing significant amounts of stress and a being allowed to ejaculate was a tremendous relief. i can’t begin to express the gratitude i felt to Ms Lee for being so thoughtful and generous.

It has now been 6 days since Ms Lee surprised me with Her generous gift. i have no idea how long my current chastity period will last. i have learned that it is useless to try to outguess Ms Lee. She always takes me by surprise and keeps me off balance, scrambling to keep up with Her. She may give me permission tomorrow (very unlikely), next week or a month from now. It could be even longer than that. i don’t know how i could possibly endure such a severely long chastity period as that,  but it will not be my decision.

What i am certain of is that i will learn something from my current chastity period. After being surprised by the brevity of my previous chastity period i learned just how thoughtful and generous Ms Lee is. i am very fortunate to be owned by such a wonderful Goddess. Previous chastity periods taught me many other things. For instance, i need to focus on pleasing Ms Lee, not myself. i will get no pleasure if Ms Lee is not pleased first.

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