Setting a new record

Today is day 33 of my current extended chastity period, devoted to the pleasure of Ms Lee. I am quite excited because in only three days I will set a new record for the length of chastity I have endured for my Goddess.

My only concern is that I do not know if Ms Lee will allow me to ejaculate soon after I set my new record. She is extremely unpredictable and always keeps me off balance. Since she knows I am expecting permission as soon as I set my record, it is quite possible she may choose to surprise me with her own perversely unique expectation.

At times like this I must always remind myself that my desires are inconsequential. All that matters is that I please Ms Lee and that is all I want to do.  She knows what is best for me and I trust her to give me what I need, not what mypigmale desires want.

I realize that others have endured much longer periods of chastity, but I am not used to going so long without release. Before I became Ms Lee’s property I was a compulsive masturbator, playing with myself every day and ejaculating whenever I felt like it.

Ms Lee has been very firm in changing my behavior and I am no longer allowed to even touch myself without Her permission. In a strange way I have found it helpful that Ms Lee now requires me to wear Her chastity sleeve every day, all day long. The sleeve prevents erections, which suppresses my pigmale desire to play with myself.

The sleeve prevents anything even close to a full erection since the inside diameter is only about one and an eighth inches. It is quite comfortable to wear when I am flacid, but severely tight when my cock makes a futile attempt to become erect.

One Response to “Setting a new record”

  1. experiment Says:

    i really enjoy your blog. i am in an online chastity arrangement myself. could you tell me how you are allowed to masturbate without touching yourself? is it just rubbing against an object or something else?

    what types of punishments does your Mistress impose on you?

    is the chastity sleeve a comercial product, if so which one?

    thank you,

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