A different sort of Thanksgiving feast

Ms Lee has taken my by complete surprise once again. I just completed 40 days in chastity last Sunday and was expecting to be subjected to another lengthy period of chastity as usual. Instead, Ms Lee astounded me by instructing me to produce will for four days straight starting on Thanksgiving, for a minimum of 5 times each day.

I began my special Thanksgiving feast in earnest, producing 5 times on Thursday as expected. However, I soon discovered that there is such a thing as ‘too much of a good thing’. On Friday I was only able to produce 3 times. After ejaculating 8 times over the course of two days I was completely spent, unable to get it up again no matter how hard I tried.

Yesterday (Saturday) was even worse. I was only able to ejaculate twice and the second time i only produced a pitifully small dribble of cum. I can’t believe that I failed to meet Ms Lee’s expectations even when she was being generous to me and allowing me to wallow in my pigmale desire to masturbate.

I have learned a significant lesson from this. Ms Lee truly controls me and my pigmale desires. She can suppress my need to ejaculate and keep me chaste for 40 days or longer if it pleases her. However, she can also demonstrate to me that I can’t even meet her expectations when she is giving me what my pigmale desires want. I have no control – Ms Lee has all control. I am bound to her so tightly that I can’t even begin to fathom the depths she has taken me to.

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