Craving her chastity sleeve

As my current chastity cycle approaches three weeks I am becoming quite frustrated and desperate for release.  I am frequently getting erections and my pigmale desires are rising to the surface.

Fortunately, as per Ms Lee’s schedule, today I am wearing her chastity sleeve, so my greedy cock is now under her firm control. It seems strange, but I am beginning to feel more at ease when I am wearing her chastity sleeve than when I’m not. When I wear her sleeve I don’t have to worry about my pigmale desires getting out of control. It is also quite frustrating to get an erection (or as much of one as her chastity devices allow) and know that I can’t do anything about it.

As a result, I now find myself in the situation where I feel more at ease, and more natural, on the days when I am wearing Ms Lee’s chastity sleeve. I am sometimes tempted to wear it on days when I’m not required, but I do not dare deviate from the schedule she established for me.

I leave it up to Ms Lee to determine if my schedule should be adjusted since she knows much better than myself what I need and how to deal with my pigmale desires.

3 Responses to “Craving her chastity sleeve”

  1. Lori Says:

    What type of Chastity device does Ms. Lee have on you?

  2. Property of Ms Lee Says:

    I wear a homemade chastity device for Ms Lee. I sewed a square piece of denim into a small tube that fits around my cock. To make it even more secure I encircle it with three lengths of keychain that are tight enough to prevent anything close to a full erection.

    I made the device myself so I could wear it under my pants without showing any bulge. I am married, but my wife does not fully accept this lifestyle and I can’t let her know I am wearing a chastity device.

    Fortunately, Ms Lee has taken me into her stable and is training me how to be a proper boy for her. Her authority over me is more binding than any lock could be and I am faithfully chaste for her pleasure.

  3. experiment Says:

    i am interested in creating something similar if i can. am i correct in saying you remove the chastity device as needed throughout the day, such as for showering and toilet needs? is it like a ball encasing your genitals. thank you.


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