Be careful what you wish for

Last week I mentioned that I was beginning to crave wearing Ms Lee’s chastity sleeve on the alternate days when I was not required to do so. Ms Lee had not allowed me to touch myself or masturbate for weeks at that time and I was being driven crazy with frustration by my rampant erections on the days I was free of Her sleeve. I desperately wanted to play with myself or cum, but did not want to violate her strict orders not to do so. Things were much easier to bear on the days when my cock was safely tucked inside her sleeve – no erections and no temptation.

After Ms Lee read my blog entry last week she granted my ‘wish’ and instructed me to begin wearing her chastity sleeve every day, all day long. Today is my seventh day in a row wearing her sleeve and I can feel my pitiful cock straining against it as I type these words.

The good news is that I no longer have to worry about being tempted to violate Ms Lee’s no touching or masturbating rules. My cock is prevented from enjoying anything close to a full erection and my pigmale desires are thus kept in check.

The bad news is that I am no longer able to even enjoy a full erection anymore. No touching, no masturbating and now no erections. That is my existence as Ms Lee’s property.

And I would have it no other way.

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