Some expectations for 2012

Due to some personal issues I have not had a chance till now to post the following chat that I had with Ms Lee on the last day of 2011:

Ms Lee: hi there,  just got out of shower & dressed

me: hello, I’m so glad that my attempts at milking myself are entertaining you. I am so desperate to please you in any way possible.

Ms Lee: lol
  i wouldn’t say pleased as much as entertained
me: Even if I’m only entertaining you 🙂
Ms Lee: entertaining is good
me: It is hard to describe just how intensely I get into it when I’m using that anal dildo
 I really think I’m responding like a woman is when they are being penetrated
 But it is SO frustrating because I never reach the point of satisfaction
  I just keep grinding and gyrating like mad
Ms Lee: i don’t know if you’re responding like a woman but that frustrating thing due to not quite reaching the point of satisfaction is the story of women during sex with men
  not all the time, of course
me: Well I guess I’m getting my turn
  I do know at times I have been unable to please a woman and left them unsatisfied
Ms Lee: then now you know exactly how they felt
me: Yes, I think I have an idea
Ms Lee: you “think”. ok then.
  i’ll remember that
me: oh, oh
  Did I say something wrong?
Ms Lee: you “think”
  you’re not sure
  i think you should be sure
  let’s just extend the no touching thing into the new year
  and using your new christmas present from me only
  as well as plugged daily
  i think that will help you’
me: plugged daily?
Ms Lee: yeppers
me: omg!
Ms Lee: i think this will help you to focus on a particular area of your body and give it lots of thought’
me: That plug teases me so badly!
Ms Lee: oh please. you love it

me: Yes, but it makes my penis strain like mad!
Ms Lee: again…oh please…give me a break. you like it
me: I have to admit that you seem to be rewiring my pleasure center
  from my penis to my rear
  I guess it is a good thing I’m learning to appreciate anal stimulation
Ms Lee: lol

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