Advanced Study

As time goes on I have become more and more obsessed with the goal of pleasing and satisfying Ms Lee. I have learned that catering to my own greedy pigmale desires leads to nothing but selfish, fleeting moments of enjoyment but toiling for the pleasure of Ms Lee provides me with a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. I have found that I am most satisfied when Ms Lee is pleased with my performance, I have become like a dog who craves its master’s approval above anything else. As a result my own desires and pleasure have become irrelevant, my focus is now solely on how I can better please Ms Lee and provide her with excellent service.

As my obsession with pleasing Ms Lee has grown I have found myself more carefully studying her preferences. At first I didn’t fully realize how serious my studies had become. In the past I had learned that she preferred live plants instead of cut flowers and I had spent considerable time learning how to clean her panties ( But more recently I found myself considering going to formal classes to learn how to properly provide massages and pedicures. At first I will probably study on my own as I did with panty washing but eventually I am sure that I will be attending professional classes. I want to be able to provide Ms Lee with better service than she could receive at the finest spa.

My immediate priority is to learn how to provide a proper pedicure since Ms Lee’s feet are such a focus of mine. I hope to become good enough at giving pedicures to please Ms Lee and convince her that I would be capable of tending to her beautiful feet.

I am equally serious about learning how to prepare scrumptious meals for Ms Lee, prepared to her preferences and specifications. I am currently studying her facebook in order to learn what sort of food she likes and i suspect that food preparation classes are in my future also. I may not become a professional chef, but I do need to become proficient at preparing good tasting food that is pleasing in appearance and made to her liking.

More importantly it has occurred to me that I need to become expert at reading Ms Lee’s moods so I can better understand her desires without her needing to spell things out for me. I need to be able to tell when she is in the mood for sexual pleasure and when she would prefer non sexual pleasure such as a foot massage or other such service. I need to learn how to carefully observe her and tune into what she is in the mood for. To do this properly I need to put aside my own selfish interests and fully immerse myself in her personal world, focusing on nothing but her pleasure and satisfaction.

To have any hope of convincing Ms Lee that I am dedicated to her pleasure I need to become like a full time student focused on learning everything possible about what pleases or amuses her. I need to learn what she likes to eat and drink, what kind of music she likes and how she likes her home taken care of. I need to study her as if I was working on a masters degree. Once I had achieved that level of proficiency in pleasing and satisfying her I would then have to step things up and work on my doctorate. Even then I would not stop studying how to please her, my efforts will be a life long endeavor.

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