Requesting feedback regarding my panties

Anyone who browses through this blog will learn that Ms Lee enjoys having me wear panties instead of male underwear. As she expects, I now wear nothing but panties, 24×7. Male underwear is strictly prohibited. During my years as her property I have built up an extensive collection of silky & lacy panties, probably more than most women.

Keeping me in panties provides Ms Lee with a number of benefits. For starters, it still embarrasses me to no end, which greatly amuses Ms Lee. I have learned the hard way that it pleases her immensely to see me embarrassed in a number of ways and panty wearing is one of her favorites. Wearing panties also puts me in an intensely submissive state of mind, making me putty in her hands. Being kept in panties also provides her with the opportunity to embarrass me further as she requires that absolutely no pubic hair be visible. This is particularly challenging as some of my panties are quite skimpy. I spend a considerable amount of time & effort shaving the area around my panties as I desperately want to please Ms Lee and I fear the punishments she will administer if I fail to keep myself properly presentable.

Probably one of the most significant benefits Ms Lee enjoys by having me in panties is the merciless teasing that my deprived penis suffers as a result. After weeks of abiding by Ms Lee’s no touching rule I am desperate for any sort of sexual stimulation and the sensation of my penis straining under my silky panties drives me mad. The inhuman frustration I endure as a result of this teasing drives me even further into submission but I suspect Ms Lee just plain enjoys knowing that I am hopelessly frustrated and desperate.

Those who are interested in reading more about my panty wearing are encouraged to check out the dozens of postings under the Panty and Panty Washing categories. But at this time I would like to request, no – make that beg, for feedback regarding how I look wearing the panties in the photo below (these are the panties I am wearing today). Please provide any feedback at all, positive, negative or indifferent. I would also be interested in any suggestions on how I could better please Ms Lee with my panty wearing.
My purple panties

2 Responses to “Requesting feedback regarding my panties”

  1. msscarlet9015 Says:

    I would say that on the one hand, given you have a male body, you do look very sweet in the panties, but on the other hand, the word male should not be associated with you given you are wearing panties. So its best to comment that you look like a sweet little pansy in the panties.

    It would be nice to have you parading in your panties in front of three or four women gifted with spiteful tongues to explain to you the pansy-piece status you are given by the panties. And also explain that it brings proper order to the world when pansy-pieces are in a constant state of sexual frustration. That is simply the way things should be for pansy-pieces.

  2. Luciana Says:

    Excellent blog you’ve got here.. It’s hard to find high quality
    writing like yours these days. I really appreciate people like you!
    Take care!!

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