Double Release

Within the last week Ms Lee has generously allowed me not one, but TWO releases. The first time was after I begged twice for permission to touch myself after going another full week abiding faithfully to her no touching rule. The first time I begged she was not impressed and told me that I could do better. I then proceeded to beg much more sincerely & desperately and was greatly relieved when she told me that I could touch myself with no restrictions except that I could only do so between 5 and 5:30 PM on Sunday.

It turned out that I was on my way to the shore for a vacation that day and as luck would have it I was on the road at 5PM. I desperately looked for a rest stop and finally found one with 5 minutes to spare. I rushed into the crowded mens room and began wanking feverishly inside a bathroom stall. I was extremely self conscious due to all the people nearby, worried that someone would know what I was doing. Due to my nervousness I was barely able to produce a small amount of cum with just a minute or two to spare. I was mortified, but at least I had enjoyed a pleasurable release.

The next day I was overjoyed when Ms Lee informed me that she was impressed with my obedience and would generously allow me another release with no restriction other than it must occur on Tuesday. I thanked Ms Lee and informed her that I had been working very hard to be an obedient boy, hopeful for the reward which she had just granted me. I also told her that the reward I had been hoping for was to please her with my obedience, providing her with pleasure and satisfaction. I had neither expected nor been looking for another release so soon and was quite surprised with her generosity.

I was not able to obtain the privacy I needed until late in the day but I then enjoyed a glorious pleasurable release, this time with no pressure or concerns. I was truly grateful to Ms Lee for being so thoughtful.

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