The Generosity of Ms Lee

When I went to sleep Tuesday night I set two alarms to make sure I would wake up in time since Ms Lee generously had given me permission to touch myself and cum between 6 and 6:30 Wednesday morning. I was horrified when I woke up that morning at 7:30, having slept thru both alarms. I desperately wanted to masturbate, but I dared not touch myself since I missed the time-frame Ms Lee had specified. I told her about my failure and expected her to tell me that I had squandered my opportunity for the week.

I was ecstatic when she told me that she would give me another chance at 6PM that evening. Although Ms Lee is extremely strict with me she also is very caring and surprises me with her generosity.

At 6PM promptly I began enjoying Ms Lee’s gift and began touching myself in a sexual manner for the first time in over a week. It was heavenly to once again enjoy a full erection and stroke it with abandon. I took it slow at first as I wanted to be able to enjoy the full half hour that Ms Lee had allowed me. My hair trigger penis almost betrayed me as within minutes I could feel myself almost explode in release. I quickly let go of my penis and waited until I calmed down before touching myself again. Before beginning again I thanked Ms Lee once more for her generosity, I am so fortunate to be her property.

I also took the opportunity of being hard to measure my penis to check on whether I had fully regained the length I had lost due to my previous cycles of extremely extended chastity, restrained by my viciously tight chastity sleeve. I was shocked when I discovered that I measured somewhat less than five and a half inches, more than half an inch less than I was prior to becoming the Property of Ms Lee. I informed Ms Lee of this and her response indicated that she did not consider my loss a big deal. Perhaps she is correct since I never have the opportunity to use my penis like a real man anyway. I just hope that it pleases Ms Lee that her property has been reduced in size due to the extended chastity it has previously been subjected to for her pleasure.

I spent more time hands off trying to control myself then I spent masturbating, but I did manage to take advantage of the full half hour before releasing. As the final moments approached I began stroking like mad and quickly felt my release approaching. As Ms Lee expected, I squeezed the tip of my penis as well as my scrotum as my cum attempted to explode out of my penis. I successfully managed to prevent the explosion and could feel it backing up behind where I squeezed. Once my orgasmic spasms ended I released the tip of my penis and saw my cum slowly dribble out. I was amazed at how much kept dribbling out and I dutifully licked it all up as Ms Lee expected. I then thanked Ms Lee again for her generosity.

It has now been two days since my ruined release and I intend to wait until a full week passes before I dare to beg Ms Lee once more for permission to touch myself. I am hopeful that by then I will be in the proper state of mind to beg sincerely.

Being allowed to touch myself reminded me of the intense joy & pleasure that I am denied and having a ruined rather than an orgasmic release insured that my frustration and desperation continued unchecked. I suspect Ms Lee intended things this way and I only hope she enjoys having her property obedient and untouched.

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