Ms Lee’s Chastity Sleeve

I have had a few inquiries regarding the chastity sleeve that Ms Lee requires me to wear, so I thought I would describe it for those who are interested. Obviously the purpose of Ms Lee’s chastity sleeve is to keep me chaste for her pleasure. She has always prohibited me from touching myself without her permission, but I was still able to enjoy unrestricted erections. Over time we had discussed chastity devices, but all the commercially available devices seemed too bulky for daily, full time wear.

Then it occurred to me that it might please my Goddess if I made a custom chastity device to wear for her, one that wouldn’t show under my pants. It turned out that she was quite pleased and now requires me to wear her chastity sleeve every day, all day.

I crafted her sleeve from a rectangular piece of denim that encases my penis from the base to the tip, only allowing the head of my penis to show. I sewed it into a tube that is small enough to prevent anything close to a full erection. Since the material can stretch, it is quite comfortable to wear all day. To prevent my greedy penis from stretching the material enough to gain an erection, I added three chains that I fashioned from keychains (lamp pull chains would work the same), one at the base, one near my penis head and one in between. These are very effective at keeping my erections in check.

There are no locks involved – I wear Ms Lee’s chastity device for her pleasure and wouldn’t dream of taking it off without her permission. She doesn’t need this device to keep me chaste, the purpose of it is to prevent me from even enjoying an erection without her permission. I am allowed to remove it to shower, but otherwise I am required to wear it all day long without exception. I use baby powder to help slide it on, and also to keep things clean and dry.

I have found Ms Lee’s chastity sleeve to be quite effective in binding me even closer to her will and authority. She now has complete control over my pigmale desires.

2 Responses to “Ms Lee’s Chastity Sleeve”

  1. experiment Says:

    thank you for detailing the chastity sleeve you designed. it is very helpful.

    is the sleeve anchored behind the balls with one of the chains? if not do you have any problem with it slipping off?

    do you have any problems with irritation or abrasions from the chains?


  2. Property of Ms Lee Says:

    No, Ms Lee’s chastity sleeve is not anchored behind my balls. I don’t have any problem with it slipping off because it is quite snug on my restrained cock. It is so tight that it takes a while to slide it on over my cock even when it is flaccid.

    I do not have any trouble with irritation or abrasion because the chains are wrapped around the outside of the sleeve, which is made of denim. The chains are not in direct contact with my skin.

    The whole arrangement is quite comfortable to wear when my cock is soft. It is tight enough, bit not too tight. Of course if my cock tries to get randy it is another story altogether.

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