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Preparing my rear for Ms Lee

July 11, 2009

my Goddess has recently commanded me to prepare my rear for Her. She has informed me that i will beg Her to take me with Her strap-on, but first i must prepare myself. i must work diligently to make sure that my rear is opened sufficiently to take the large strap-on that She will take me with.

Ms Lee told me to purchase a butt plug and use it every day when i Worship Her. She instructed me to insert the plug and to then put on Her cock ring. Once Her boy is properly plugged and harnessed, i am then to put on the pretty pink panties She had me purchase for my Worship sessions.

In a pitiful attempt to please my Goddess, i foolishly purchased a fairly large butt plug. At the widest point it is nearly two inches across. i experienced a significant amount of pain and agony before i was able to stretch my rear enough to accommodate this huge intruder. i still have to spend a few minutes each morning prior to my Worship session struggling to get my plug in place.

In order to get my plug in each morning, i have to ride up and down on the plug numerous times. Each time i descend a little further as my rear stretches a bit more. It is very painful as i reach the bottom of my ride and attempt to stretch my rear enough to fit the monster inside. However, i just think about my Goddess being on the other end of the plug and it readily slides in a bit more.

When i am finally properly fitted with my plug i begin my 20 minute Worship session. During this time i am to continuously push against the plug, working it into me as i exercise to open myself up for my Goddess. i find this quite painful and i sincerely hope that Ms Lee accepts this offering of devotion from me.