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Permission to cum

July 5, 2009

Last week my glorious Goddess granted me permission to cum. This was a very generous gift that was much appreciated. my appreciation was heightened by the fact that i hadn’t ejaculated for over a month when She finally decided to permit me this rare pleasure.

Of course i had to enjoy this gift while still adhering to Ms Lee’s Expectations concerning my cock and cumming:

1) i am never allowed to touch myself in any manner that could be considered sexual in nature. So much for jacking myself off! However, after going for a month without cumming, i found that it was indeed possible to ejaculate without touching myself.

2) i am only permitted to cum when Ms Lee grants me permission to do so.

3) i am only allowed to cum while worshiping Ms Lee. my Worship sessions involve a series of Rules and Expectations which i will elaborate on at a later time.

4) i must be wearing my cock ring during Worship. my cock ring bites deeply into my poor cock when it is fully erect, making ejaculation even more of a challenge.

Once i was in compliance with all of Ms Lee’s Rules and Expectations. i was allowed to attempt to cum while worshiping Her. It takes quite a while to get myself excited enough to cum under these severe restrictions. However, with a month’s worth of pressure built up in my balls i was finally able to acheive my goal and i began to cum

This was when i realized the full extent of Ms Lee’s control over my / Her cock. Without being allowed to touch myself, i was not able to produce a forceful ejaculation like a real man. Instead i only experienced a frustrating dribbling of cum, which did not provide me with anywhere near the pleasure that normal masturbation brings.

my pathetic dribble was further restricted by my cruel cock ring which really started to bite when my cock attempted to expand while ejaculating.  The severe pain this created succeeded in eliminating what little pleasure i was beginning to experience.

When the dribbling ended i was required by Ms Lee’s Rules to lick up the mess i had made, completing my humiliation. i then thanked my Goddess for Her gift and prayed for Her forgiveness since i had shown myself to be such a pathetic pigmale.

Would anyone care to guess how long it will be before my Goddess grants me permission to cum again?