My Monthly Release

As I mentioned in my previous post, Ms Lee has been kind enough to allow me to release once per month at a time of my choosing. She granted me this generous gift because I have been under so much stress lately and she thought a monthly release would help. I continually remind myself that I must be very thankful to Ms Lee and not assume this will continue forever. Ms Lee seems to enjoy keeping me in chastity for multiple months at a time so I will treasure these monthly releases for as long as it suits Ms Lee’s whim to allow them.

She did however stipulate one condition with my most recent release. She told me to film my masturbation session and post it here on my blog. I find this exceedingly embarrassing and humiliating but I suspect that just pleases Ms Lee all the more. So I must thank Ms Lee for providing me this opportunity to please (or at least amuse) her. Here is the video of my release:


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