The gift of chastity

Today marks the 51st day of chastity I have endured for the pleasure of Ms Lee. The last time she allowed me to release was on Christmas day last year. I never know how long it will please Ms Lee to keep me in chastity, it may depend on some master plan of hers or perhaps it just depends on her mood. I also never know how I will handle each additional day I spend in chastity. Some days I am focused on other things and the day goes by without much frustration. But there are other days (such as today) when I spend just about every moment in desperate frustration, constantly thinking about Ms Lee and wondering how much longer she can expect me to remain obedient and chaste.

Some days (like today) it is extremely difficult to be obedient and keep my hands of Ms Lee’s property. But I remind myself that Ms Lee expects me to be her good, obedient boy and would be extremely disappointed if I gave in to my pigmale desire to play with myself. I know it pleases Ms Lee to have me remain in long term chastity just because it suits her whim and I know she enjoys being able to count on my devout obedience. I consider being able to please her in this manner a gift that I offer up to her and I hope that she feels the same way.

Ms Lee does not often mention my chastity so I don’t really know just how much pleasure she gains from my obedience. She does not pander to my pigmale fantasies so she does not make a habit of teasing me or pretending to be impressed with the length of my chastity. I have to stay focused on the fact that our unique relationship is based on her pleasure, not mine. The idea is not for me to enjoy some male fantasy of submission and discipline. That is not what she wants and I have come to understand that it is not what I truly want or need either. Instead my purpose is to spend every day seeking how best to please and satisfy her. I truly find fulfillment and a sense of satisfaction by pleasuring Ms Lee and this is something much more enduring and significant than the fleeting pleasure of playing with myself.

Thus I consider my continuing chastity to be a gift that benefits me also. I feel good when I please Ms Lee and even if she does not spend a lot of time every day acknowledging my devotion I am secure in the knowledge that my obedience pleases her. During the years I have spent as her property I have come to understand that it pleases her to be able to count on my daily obedience and devotion to her expectations without having to spend a lot of time explaining herself. I am hopeful that my constant obedience and reliability pleases her and I thank her for allowing me to offer her the gift of my continuing chastity.



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