Service Skills and Research

As I conducted the research for my recent Service Oriented Submission blog entry I learned a lot about myself. It quickly became clear that I closely match the definition of a service oriented submissive and my research into this topic not only oped my eyes concerning my service orientation but it also motivated me to become very interested in learning how to become a better servant for Ms Lee. It is not good enough to devote myself completely to her pleasure and satisfaction. I must also devote myself to becoming well educated in all manners of service skills.

I want to sincerely thank Ms Lee for directing me to research Service Oriented Submission. She saw something in me that I did not fully understand myself. I am very fortunate to be her property and to be blessed with her excellent guidance.
I am embarking on what I suspect will be a lifelong learning program with the goal of becoming the best possible servant for Ms Lee. I must improve the service skills I posses and perhaps more importantly learn many new skills in the service arts. Ms Lee has told me to begin by studying Butler and tea service so these are two areas I will start with. But there are many other skills such as giving pedicures and massages that I need to become proficient with. Frankly the list is endless, including cooking and mundane things such as laundry care and proper cleaning methods.

To help me organize my studies I have added a Service Skills and Research area to my blog. Right now it is just a skeleton but I will constantly add to it and enhance it as my studies continue. The link to this section can be found in the Pages section in the top right section of my blog. Here is a link to that section:

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