My Ten Commandments

As Ms Lee has tightened her ownership of me an extensive list of her expectations has developed. I take these expectations very seriously as the consequences of failure are quite severe. I have earned the wrath of Ms Lee in the past for failing to live up to her strict expectations and the punishments she meted out are seared into my mind and cause me to scramble every day in a desperate attempt to please and satisfy her. I worship Ms Lee as my Goddess and her expectations are the ten commandments that form the focus of my daily life:

1) I am always to refrain from touching myself in a sexual manner without Ms Lee’s permission. My genitals are her property and are no longer available for my pigmale pleasures. I must beg Ms Lee for permission to touch myself, but only if she has given me permission to beg.

2) Every day I put my chastity sleeve on after taking my shower. It stays in place protecting Ms Lee’s property from any unauthorized touching or erections until I get ready for bed.

3) Every day I pick out a fresh pair of panties to wear, I no longer wear male underwear. I am also kept busy hand washing my panties on a regular basis, I would never dare present myself to Ms Lee in panties that were not in pristine condition

4) I must keep the area around my panties shaved and properly groomed at all times. There is never to be a single hair visible.

5) Every morning I conduct my morning worship session for about 15 minutes while properly plugged.

6) Every day without fail I make sure to contact Ms Lee in some way.

7) Every day I stretch during my exercise routine and meditate with Ms Lee as my focus.

8) On a weekly basis I post an update to the blog I maintain for Ms Lee.

9) On a monthly basis I send Ms Lee a monetary tribute as a demonstration of my devotion to her.

10) I apply myself to learning a variety of advanced study topics as determined by Ms Lee’s desires for my education and training so that I might better serve her. I am currently working on three areas of study:

A) I am learning how to provide professional quality pedicures accompanied by numerous pampering additions such as foot/leg messages along with the proper oils and lotions. I am searching out and studying web pages concerning how to give professional pedicures and I am also planning on getting a pedicure myself as soon as I find an opportunity sot that I will better understand the process.

B) I am learning how to milk myself anally, without touching myself. I am practicing this daily as well as searching out web pages with tips on milking yourself and proper tools. As I mentioned in my prior blog entry I suspect that Ms Lee has a substantial change in mind for my future ‘sex life’ once I master milking myself.

C) Self study – As time allows I am studying how best to please Ms Lee – what meals she likes, etc. I need to become on expert on pleasuring and satisfying Ms Lee

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