Plugged again

I have become very focused on Ms Lee and her pleasure but she apparently thought that my focus on her could be improved. She recently told me that I was to wear my butt plug for at least 5 consecutive hours a day until my next session of touching myself. Although I have been using my butt plug during my daily morning Worship sessions it has been quite a while since I have endured it for anything near 5 hours a day so there was no doubt that Ms Lee’s latest expectation for me would be quite effective at improving my focus upon her.

My first day of being plugged for 5 hours was quite an ordeal. Within an hour or two of being plugged I was already feeling nearly unbearable discomfort as the plug tortured my rear. I knew I was walking funny and it was beginning to get difficult to sit down properly. By the third hour or so my poor rear was starting to sting from the rubbing of the plug and I was getting desperate to remove it. But no matter how bad I was hurting I was determined to be obedient and do as Ms Lee expected. I am always desperate to please her and I did not want to disappoint her on my first day of being plugged. When I finally reached the 5 hour point I promptly removed my plug, relieved to have the invader removed. I went to bed nearly exhausted from my ordeal and did not want to even think about wearing the plug the next day.

But the very next day I obediently did as Ms Lee expected and inserted my plug for another 5 hour ordeal of discomfort and distress. To make matters even worse I needed to mow my lawn that day. I have a large lawn and use a riding tractor which naturally vibrates quite a bit. As I bounced around on the tractor my plug kept getting rammed further up my rear and the vibrations of the tractor were driving me crazy. It felt like I was bouncing on top of a vibrating anal dildo. Normally riding the tractor makes me feel manly, but not when I’m chastised, plugged and pantied!

By the third day I was beginning to get used to wearing the plug but as the discomfort from the pain subsided I was presented with a new torment. It was getting to the point where the plug was teasing my poor penis relentlessly as it pressed against my prostate. As my penis strained against my chastity sleeve I felt a desperate pigmale desire to take Ms Lee’s property in my hands. My frustration was made all the worse as I felt my sissy ruffled panties embracing my chastised penis. Here is a photo of my plugged rear embraced by my white sissy ruffled panties:

Plugged, chastised & pantied

As I got more frustrated and fought the urge to touch myself I began to squirm in my seat, causing my plug to press even harder against my prostate which in turn got me even more excited and frustrated. My plug was driving me crazy but I kept thinking about Ms Lee, hoping she would be pleased with my obedience. I also suspected she might be amused at my discomfort but I was glad to endure it if that pleased her.

I still have a few days to go before I will be allowed to beg to touch myself again. Even if my begging satisfies Ms Lee and it suits her whim to allow me to touch myself it frequently pleases her to delay the approval for a few days. This means I probably still have quite a few days of being plugged to look forward to. The good news is that this will provide me with many more opportunities to sharpen my focus on Ms Lee as I endure more discomfort and teasing for her pleasure.

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