Playing with my breasts

Every time I dress up for Ms Lee in one of my new corsets I have found myself becoming more and more aware of my breasts and nipples. My corsets frame my breasts very nicely and I can’t help wondering what it would feel like to caress them. I think my extended chastity has also made me quite desperate for any sort of sexual stimulation. Recently I asked Ms Lee if her ‘no touching’ rule included my breasts and nipples. She gave me permission to touch myself there, but told me to keep her ‘abreast’ of my experiences since she was not entirely sure about the idea.
The first time I tried it I restricted myself to just lightly rubbing my breasts and pinching my nipples. I found the sensation quite pleasant and although I eventually felt my penis become a bit excited I think I actually enjoyed the subdued pleasure experienced by my breasts even more. Even after I stopped touching myself I continued to feel a warm, pleasing feeling emanating from my breasts. I found the pleasure to also be a bit frustrating, similar to the teasing, limited sexual thrill I derive from anal stimulation.
Today I tried  playing with my breasts while using my anal vibrator. I expected things to be a bit more intense so I decided to use clothes pins on my nipples to heighten the experience. Before I tried this I put on my chastity sleeve, including the viciously tight fifth chain that pleases Ms Lee so much. She enjoys having my long deprived penis painfully restrained and I wanted to insure that my sexual stimulation was focused solely on my breasts and my rear. This would leave my penis ignored and limp, hopefully pleasing Ms Lee a bit more.
Once my penis was firmly restrained I began to slide my anal vibrator up my desperate rear. I used to use a small, slim anal vibrator, but Ms Lee wanted me to use a bigger tool. I now use a large woman’s vibrator that is nearly twice as thick and long as my penis is on the rare occasions when Ms Lee allows it to become erect. My bigger tool does an excellent job of stimulating my prostate, driving me to extreme heights of frustrating pleasure. As I began to grind my rear and drive my vibrator further into my rear I began massaging my nipples. As they became excited and began to firm up a bit I attached clothes pins to them, tightly squeezing and pinching them.
With my nipples pinned and the vibrator rubbing my prostate I began to get incredibly excited. I was soon bucking and grinding as hard as I could, my sensations magnified by the pain centered in my breasts. I continued to rub my prostate as the pleasure/pain continued. I was not able to milk myself, but I found I did not care. I think I am learning to better enjoy the limited sexual stimulation that Ms Lee allows me and I have discovered that playing with my nipples adds quite a special thrill to the experience.
I got another ‘thrill’ when I removed the clothes pins. I felt an excrutiating pain as the blood flowed back into my nipples. I immediately tried to rub them in an attempt to releve the pain, but found that it hurt too much to touch them. For a while it felt like the clothes pins were still attached and all I could do was wait for the phantom pain to subside.
I know that Ms Lee will continue to firmly enforce her ‘no touching’ rule with regards to my penis and balls. However, I sincerely hope that she might decide to allow me to continue to touch my breasts and nipples.

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