Videos for Ms Lee

Recently I made a short video for Ms Lee that displayed myself using my anal dildo. I got quite worked up during the video, shaking and even quivering as I experienced a dry orgasm. Me Lee seemed to enjoy the video, but then surprised me by saying that she wanted to have me post the video on public viewing sites like Xtube. She also expected me to make more videos to post.

I was shocked that I was going to be exposed in this manner and was even more shocked at the results when I put the video online. Thousands of people soon viewed my video and sent me comments. It was obvious that gay or bi guys were my primary audience and that they were frequently masturbating while watching me ravage my rear with my vibrating dildo. I felt like I had been reduced to becoming a piece of pornography that was freely available for anyone to take advantage of.

When Ms Lee viewed my first video she commented that I should ‘get a bigger one’, meaning a bigger dildo. I went shopping for one, but could not find any larger anal dildos. I was humiliated when I realized that I had no choice but to purchase a large woman’s vibrating dildo. I then created a second video for Ms Lee that shows me pleasuring myself with my ‘bigger tool’.

It is now over four months since Ms Lee last allowed me to enjoy a normal, pleasurable release. I am beginning to suspect that she expects me to live without pleasurable pigmale releases and to learn how to fully enjoy the anal pleasures that she allows me. I am very glad that she allows me to freely use my anal dildo since it appears that my penis is no longer a source of pleasure for me.

Here is the link to my first video : Dry orgasm while shaking and quivering

and here is the link to my second one : A bigger tool – quivering to another dry anal orgasm

I am always anxious to please Ms Lee, so please let me know if you have any suggestions for additional videos.

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